White plaque on the leaves of roses not only spoils your rose garden, but can also cause the death of your favorite plants. To save roses, you should find the reason for its appearance.

The main causes of white plaque are always associated with certain diseases, pests or infections:

  • Infection of bushes with powdery mildew.
  • Botrytis cinerea.
  • The appearance of insects: rose leafhopper, spider mite, scale insect.
  • You can cure a rose from powdery mildew or gray rot, which are fungal diseases, with the help of Topaz, Skora, Fitosporin or Fundazol. Such diseases appear from non-compliance with the rules of agricultural technology, improper care, or the predisposition of plants to these diseases.

    You can get rid of pests on roses by treating the bushes with insecticides, following the instructions from the manufacturer. 

    It is worth recalling that roses are healthy and look «one hundred percent», they must be cut regularly. And about the terms and rules for pruning rose bushes, it is written in great detail in our material.


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