What to sow in April for seedlings: cucumbers, cabbage, asters and other vegetables and flowers

April is the middle of spring, some summer residents become discouraged that they did not have time to sow garden crops, but not everything is so scary. You can still have time to grow healthy and strong seedlings of vegetables and flowers. 

Sowing cabbage in April: varieties of medium and late ripening

In March, varieties of early-ripening cabbage are planted on seedlings, but in April the turn of late-ripening ones comes. Seedlings need about 30-45 days from the moment of sowing, so that the plants form strong, able to withstand transplanting into open ground without problems. You can sow in April for seedlings not only late white cabbage, but also broccoli, kohlrabi, cauliflower. 

The best varieties of white cabbage for April sowing: 

  • White cabbage Three heroes — large round heads of cabbage weighing up to 15 kg ripen in 145-160 days. 

  • White cabbage The envy of everyone F1 Ural summer resident — aligned heads of cabbage weighing up to 4.5 kg, the crop ripens in a maximum of 150 days. 

  • White cabbage Miracle for storage F1 — the variety ripens in 160 days, heads of cabbage reach a weight of up to 4 kg. The variety has excellent keeping quality. 

  • White cabbage A miracle for the F1 record — huge heads of cabbage weighing up to 17 kg, ripening — about 165 days. 

  • White cabbage Orion F1 — the variety ripens in 165-175 days, the heads are leveled, reaching a weight of up to 4-6 kg. 

Zucchini and squash

In the middle of spring, squash and zucchini can be planted for seedlings, but the sowing of these crops has some important features. 

  • Do not use fresh seeds collected last season for growing seedlings — seed material 2-3 years old has the best germination. 

  • Before sowing, you can warm up the seed material, treat it with biological products for better germination. 

  • Seedlings of zucchini and squash do not tolerate picking, so it is recommended to plant seeds in separate peat cups. 

The best varieties of zucchini for sowing seedlings in April: Siberian gold, Indian happiness, Tiger, Bananas in the garden, Striped Siberian and others. 

Eggplant: sowing seedlings in April

Usually, eggplants begin to be sown for seedlings from the end of January, but this option is not suitable for the northern regions. With early sowing, seedlings are ready for planting in open ground at a time when the weather does not indulge in heat, there is still snow in the garden, during the day the air temperature is low, and there may be frost at night. Under such conditions, the seedlings are drawn out, losing strength and marketability. The best way out is to sow a heat-loving crop a little later, in April, but at the same time, it is worth considering the ripening time of the varieties, giving preference to early-ripening ones. 

  • Eggplant Black Panther gives from a bush a full-fledged crop of dense tasty fruits up to 6-7 kg. Fruit ripening occurs from 65 to 75 days. 

  • Eggplant Karataya F1 — long fruits weighing from 300 to 350 g ripen in 70-80 days. 

  • Eggplant Long purple — fruit weight up to 300 g, length — up to 40 cm. Ripening — about 95 days. 

  • Eggplant Black Dragon — the fruits ripen in 70-90 days. 

  • Epic F1 eggplant — the fruit ripening period is about 60 days. 

Tomatoes: sowing early ripening varieties 

In the middle of spring, early-ripening varieties of tomatoes can be sown for seedlings, although there is a strong opinion that January or February are more suitable for this procedure. But even in April it is not too late to plant tomato seeds for seedlings in order to harvest the first crop of fruits at the end of July. For this purpose, seed is carefully selected, choosing the seeds of early ripening tomatoes for sowing. 

Good selection of varieties 

  • Tomato Siberian early ripening — plants are strong, low, the crop of red fruits weighing up to 100 g ripens in 85-90 days. 

  • Tomato Golden Heart — dense golden fruits can reach up to 100 g. The ripening period is from 80 to 85 days. 

  • Siberian grape tomato — mass ripening of fruits in 80-90 days. 

  • Tomato Sugar plum red — abundant fruiting, ripening in 87-90 days. 

  • Tomato No worries, no hassle — juicy red fruits ripen in 70 days. 

Cucumbers: it’s not too late to sow in April

Crispy fragrant cucumbers are appreciated by all summer residents, which is why they choose varieties to their liking. When sowing cucumbers for seedlings in April, it is necessary to carefully process the seeds to speed up germination, use nutritious loose soil, provide seedlings with warmth and good lighting, and also establish regular watering with warm water. Germination of cucumbers will accelerate after preheating and soaking the seed in growth simulators. 

The best varieties of early ripening: 

  • Cucumber Sugar baby F1 — abundant fruiting, a cascade of delicious crispy greens, the crop ripens in 38 days. 

  • Cucumber Royal fingers F1 — pimply greens reach a weight of up to 150-180 g, ripening — from 45 days. 

  • Bush cucumber — it will take up to 48 days to get tasty fruits. 

  • Cucumber Pickling — the harvest is formed in 41 days. 

  • Cucumber Merry Company F1 is an ideal variety for pickling, amicable ripening of the crop in about 43-45 days. 

April: flowers for garden beds for seedlings

In the second spring month, numerous varieties of garden annuals can be planted for seedlings, including: marigolds; purslane; seed dahlias; zinnia, petunia, cloves; aster; ageratum. 

Perennial and biennial crops can also be sown for seedlings in April. Various varieties of aquilegia (catchment); daisies, lupins, perennial poppies and others. 

Especially popular for decorating garden beds are annual marigolds, which amaze with their splendor and variety of colors. These plants are also valuable because they continue to open buds until late autumn, perfectly harmonizing in flowerbeds with chrysanthemums and perennial asters. 

The best varieties of marigolds: 

  • Marigolds Fantastic, mixture — tall (up to 80 cm) plants with an abundance of large orange or yellow double flowers of the original form. An unpretentious variety for decorating garden flower beds. 

  • Marigolds Durango, a mixture — a bright scattering of yellow-scarlet flowers. The variety forms a low sprawling bush up to 30 cm high, suitable for decorating flower beds and balconies. 

  • Marigolds Lemon Giant — a spectacular variety up to 70 cm high with huge double flowers in the shade of an unripe lemon. 

Flower seedlings grown from seeds in April can be transferred to open ground flower beds in late May or early summer. 


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