What is a raspberry tree and how to plant it

Sweet raspberries are loved by adults and children. In the summer they like to feast on it, and in the winter — to be treated for a cold. Breeders are constantly working to bring out new varieties of raspberries and get even more delicious berries in yellow, red or black. One of the new directions that they brought out is the raspberry tree. Although in fact it is not a tree, but a bush with thick shoots. In this article, we will reveal to you all the secrets of planting a raspberry tree on the site. 



A standard raspberry or a raspberry tree has strong enough branches, which allows it to hold the weight of heavy berries and not break when the wind gusts. Despite the fact that its height can reach two meters, the standard tree is still considered a shrub. 

As a rule, a raspberry tree does not need support. The plant is tied up for a while during planting in open ground. However, you should be aware that for large crops, it is necessary to install pegs near the trunks or pull support ropes to tie up the plants. This is done so that the raspberry tree does not die under the weight of berries. Otherwise, caring for a raspberry tree is no different from growing ordinary raspberry varieties. What we will discuss in more detail below. 

Primary requirements

The correct actions of the gardener

In site selection

For planting a raspberry tree, you need to choose a high area without soaking with good lighting. It is necessary to ensure that raspberries do not fall into the area where cucumbers, all types of cabbage, tomatoes and potatoes grew before. You should also plant raspberries away from the beds with these vegetables.

Landing time

It is allowed to plant plants in open ground in spring and autumn.


The area for planting raspberries should be light, it is necessary to plant the crop away from tall trees so that the shadow from their crown does not cover the sunlight.

Wind protection

Although raspberries have strong shoots, it is best not to plant a bush in a ventilated place.


Ash and nitroammophoska are added to the garden soil a month before the plant is transplanted, then peat, humus and garden soil are mixed, after which the planting pit is filled with this substrate when planting standard raspberries.


If the site you have chosen has soil with high acidity, you need to carry out liming, add lime to the soil in advance at the rate of 300 to 500 g per 1 m2. It is necessary to plant young bushes of standard raspberries in pits prepared for this. The size of the pits is 50×50 cm, the depth is 30 cm. They should be filled with fresh soil substrate. Make sure that there is no excess moisture in the area with raspberries. If you can’t see a dry area for a raspberry tree, then be sure to use drainage. 

When planting several plants in one row, leave a gap of at least 0.5 m between adjacent bushes. Carefully straighten the roots in the planting hole and keeping the seedling upright, cover the roots with earth. After planting, seedlings must be watered. Raspberry tree seedlings should be planted in open ground in such a way that the root neck is deepened by 2-3 cm. 

Watering, fertilizing and pruning

The raspberry tree needs regular watering, especially during the summer heat. To reduce the evaporation of soil moisture, it is good to mulch the trunk circle. Trim the plant twice. For the first time, the top is cut when the plant reaches a height of 1.10-1.30 m to stimulate shoot formation. The second time, all fruiting stems are cut under the root. During the flowering period, the raspberry tree needs phosphorus fertilizer, when tying berries — potash. In autumn it is useful to scatter manure.

Also, do not forget about the shelter of the raspberry tree in winter. Bend the raspberries to the ground and cover with agrofibre.


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