What apple tree to plant in the country and not miscalculate with the harvest

It is rare in which garden you will not find apple trees — this fruit crop is very popular, the benefits of apple fruits have been known since ancient times. The apple tree in different countries of the world was considered the «axis of the world», the «tree of life», and its fruits were called paradise. How can you resist the temptation to grow apple trees of different varieties in your garden, because in ancient times it was believed that even lightning does not strike a house surrounded by an apple orchard. What apple tree should be planted on the site — we will consider in this article. 

Classification of apple trees

Among the huge number of apple varieties, there are three main groups, which are united by the fruit ripening time:

  • Early (summer varieties) — the fruits ripen in July, in the southern regions you can enjoy ripe apples from mid-June. Sweet, juicy, fragrant fruits are tasty and healthy, but their shelf life is quite short. It is necessary to use the fruits of early varieties in a short time. The main purpose is dessert. Classical early ripe apple varieties: Quinti, Melba, Anis, Golden Summer, Papirovka. On our website you can buy early ripening apple seedlings: Ranet candy; White filling; Candy; Williams Pride and others.
  • Medium (autumn varieties) — the first ripe apples can be harvested from the trees from the middle or end of August. Mass collection of fruits — in September. Autumn apples can be stored for no more than 3 months, they are suitable for processing and for fresh consumption. Classic varieties of mid-ripening apple trees: Anis Sverdlovsk; Autumn striped; Pepin saffron; Orlovsk. In our store there are seedlings of an autumn apple tree of a unique variety — Black Diamond, the skin of the fruit has a characteristic purple-lilac color.
  • Late (winter varieties) — ripen from October to November. Fruits can be stored until spring, sometimes apples ripen in storage, gaining varietal taste after picking. Classic representatives of late varieties: Renet Semirenko; Sinap; Antonovka; Antey; Calville; Zarya Alatau. Do you want to buy seedlings of apple trees of winter varieties? We have the following varieties: Bogatyr; Gloucester; Ligol; Currency; Granny Smith; Bashkir emerald; Golden Delicious; Red Delicious and others. 
  • Each summer resident has his own priorities for choosing apple seedlings, therefore, to the question: “Which apple trees are better to plant in the country?” Only landlords can answer. But it is worth taking into account the weather conditions of the area where apple trees are grown, because during early frosts, most late varieties are not able to ripen. 

    Selection of apple trees for a specific area

    The characteristics of garden plots are sometimes very far from perfect, this aspect should be taken into account when planting cultivated trees. Let’s look at some features: 

    Small area area

    Tall apple trees are able to grow strongly, over time they form a dense volumetric crown, which prevents the penetration of sunlight. In another year, such a tree will be a source of dense shade for vegetable beds, berry bushes or flower beds. In a small area, it is more appropriate to plant columnar apple varieties, which are also divided by ripening time. Compact trees are able to give a bucket of other selected fruits per season, while they can be planted almost along the border of the site near the fence. 

    High soil moisture

    This phenomenon can be observed at a high level of groundwater in the area. Tall apple trees may die due to wetting of the root system. For such a site, dwarf varieties of apple trees with high resistance to waterlogging of the soil are suitable.

    Poor rocky or sandy soil

    For such plots, special varieties of apple trees of small height (dwarfs or semi-dwarfs) are selected. A specially prepared fertile soil is laid in the planting pit. Suitable varieties: Arbat; Candy, Sinap Orlovsky. 

    Dense clay soil

    Not suitable for all varieties of apple trees, but with the right choice of suitable seedlings, you can hope for a high yield. Which apple tree is better to plant on a site with clay compacted soil? The best varieties for such sites: Delight; Anniversary; Folk; Anis Scarlet. 

    blown areas

    When planting seedlings of apple trees in open ground, it is worth considering the wind rose. Too strong blowing (especially in winter) can lead to frosting of the crown, and in the autumn-summer period — to massive fall of ovaries or ripe fruits. For growing apple trees, it is necessary to select calm areas or plant seedlings under the protection of buildings. 

    Too shaded areas — such places should be avoided, not planning to plant apple trees there, because most varieties feel oppressed with a lack of lighting. 

    Attention! There are no varieties of apple trees that can fruit productively in the shade. Garden without diseases

    Another important indicator when choosing an apple tree for a garden is resistance to diseases and frost. When buying seedlings, it is recommended to carefully study the characteristics of the variety, correlate them with the climatic conditions of the growing region, because frostbitten branches and frost holes on the trunk serve as entrance gates for infection with infectious diseases. We recommend planting apple tree seedlings resistant to frost and pests in the garden: Candy Ranet; Renault Champion; Melba; Cinnamon striped; Bogatyr; Belarusian sweet; Gala.

    We invite you to our store for apple seedlings for your garden, we guarantee each summer resident the choice of a variety according to his taste.

    But it is worth recalling that caring for an apple orchard is a constant laborious work, regardless of the time of year, weather and mood. If you want to get a good quality harvest — do not be lazy and do not be stingy. A popular garden culture requires certain agrotechnical actions, and one of the most important among them is pruning an apple tree in the spring. How to do it right is described in our article.


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