We feed tomatoes during the flowering period for the best harvest.

Top dressing of tomatoes during flowering makes it possible to obtain a crop of excellent quality, and each plant, regardless of variety, produces larger and tastier fruits, the ovary will not fall off, and the yield will increase. All gardeners try to get the maximum from each square meter. Someone prefers folk methods, someone uses ready-made organic and mineral fertilizers. Each method has its pros and cons. Consider all options for fertilization. The ideal time for top dressing is during active flowering. At this time, the ovary is formed, all the nutrients will benefit the future harvest. The frequency of fertilizing depends on the brand or composition of fertilizers. The last dressing of the season is carried out two weeks before the final harvest.

How to determine if you need to feed tomatoes during flowering

How much tomatoes need to be fed can be determined by the state of the plant. If, during normal watering, the lower leaves turn yellow, it is urgently necessary to feed them without waiting for the due date, otherwise the flowering will be weak, there are many barren flowers. Too light leaves also indicate a lack of nutrients.

It should be noted that the flowering of tomatoes begins already 1-2 weeks after planting the seedlings, the substances introduced into the soil during digging do not have time to be completely used up during this time. If too much fertilizer has been applied to the soil, weak and stunted plants may be due to an excess rather than a lack of nutrients.

Pros and cons of different feeding methods

Folk ways of feeding tomatoes during flowering are quite effective, but very laborious. Preparation of infusions takes a lot of time. An unpleasant smell spreads from the containers on the site, which attracts flies. The use of most organic fertilizers is completely safe, an overdose is possible only with very frequent and plentiful feeding, the only exception is bird droppings. This is a very active substance, when used above the recommended dose, plants can get a burn of the roots.

Ready-made mineral and organic complexes are very easy to use. Their solution is used on the day of preparation, there is no unpleasant odor. The dose can be calculated very easily according to the instructions on the package. The substances included in the fertilizers are balanced, fully satisfy the needs of plants in a certain period of growth. Overdose leads to damage to the root system, inhibition of growth or death of plants.

Folk remedies for feeding tomatoes

Fans of organic farming believe that home-made fertilizers are much more effective and safer than those bought in a store, the resulting fruits do not contain harmful substances. This is not entirely true. In our catalog you will find ready-made chlorine-free organic fertilizers that can significantly simplify labor-intensive processes.

Yeast is a natural growth stimulant. To feed oppressed plants, prepare a solution of 100 grams of live yeast and three tablespoons of sugar in 1 liter of warm water. After 3-5 hours, the contents of the container are poured into a bucket of water, stirred and watered at the rate of 0.5 liters of solution for each plant.

Wood ash is the most affordable and completely free source of potassium, phosphorus, calcium and many other minerals. The alkaline reaction makes it possible to obtain sweeter fruits without excess acid. Dosage 100 grams of ash per bucket of water or 2-3 tablespoons per bush. With a dry method of application, the ash is poured under a bush, followed by watering. The ash solution is prepared immediately before watering, thoroughly mixed and watered over the entire plant and soil. The consumption of the working solution is 0.5 liters per bush. Ash destroys spores of pathogenic fungi, repels harmful insects.

Herbal infusion is the source of all substances useful for the plant. Cooking is possible in two ways. In the first case, the container is filled with nettles, dandelions, quinoa, amaranth or grasses, chopped with a trimmer or lawn mower. Add 100 grams of yeast per 200 liters, pour water and leave for about a week. In the second case, a full-fledged “menu” is prepared. 5 buckets of chopped grass, 10 kg of cow dung or 5 kg of bird manure, two liter cans of wood ash and three liters of whey, milk or skimmed milk are added to a 200 liter barrel. Everything is filled with warm water. The preparation time of the infusion is about two weeks. The consumption of the finished infusion for the preparation of the working solution is 1 liter per bucket of water, the consumption of the working solution is 0.5-1 liter per plant.

Mineral fertilizers for tomatoes

During the flowering period, tomatoes require potassium and phosphorus. There are many options for feeding, but it is better to give preference to specialized fertilizers. Tomatoes are fertilized by one of the proposed methods.

Fertilizer Fertik Kristalon tomato contains phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. In addition, the composition includes trace elements that enhance the growth of the bush and fruits, improve taste. Once every 14 days, a solution is prepared at the rate of 10-20 grams per 10 liters of water, 0.5-1 liter is poured under each bush, depending on the variety.

Fertilizer Organic mix for tomatoes is applied once a month. The consumption rate is 20-40 grams per plant. Useful substances are released gradually. A very convenient option for gardeners with limited time.

Superphosphate or other complex fertilizers are applied under the bush in the form of a solution. The consumption rate is indicated on the package. After top dressing, be sure to water the bed abundantly so that the nutrients spread as evenly as possible.

Humic substances

Humic fertilizers are organic, they are very easy to apply. Prepare a working solution according to the instructions. Overdose is unlikely, they are safe for plants. Nutrients are contained in a form available to plants, due to which they are quickly and completely absorbed by the roots of tomatoes. Garden stores have a huge selection, but it is better to give preference to specialized fertilizers for tomatoes or vegetables. Organic Mix Elixir No. 1, Good Power fertilizer for tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, Organic + BioHumus liquid fertilizer are perfect.

General rules for feeding tomatoes

  • Any top dressing is carried out at intervals of at least one week.

  • The solutions are poured onto slightly moist soil, then watered abundantly with clean water.

  • Do not exceed the dose of fertilizers, combine different mineral complexes.

  • Foliar top dressing is carried out for weakened plants, with a lack of root nutrition.

  • In addition to adding nutrients, mulching with peat, sawdust or chopped straw is useful.


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