The garden of our customer Anna Ivanovna Pavlovskaya is an example of abundance. The branches of apple trees bend under the weight of weighty apples, plums are strewn with large fruits, and raspberry thickets are decorated with a scattering of fragrant berries. Even the flowers in this garden bloom especially brightly and magnificently: bright dahlias — white, scarlet, pink, grow in lush curtains, forming a hedge. We invite you to a photo tour of Anna Ivanovna’s garden — she sent us pictures of her garden achievements and allowed us to publish them in our Garden Community.

To have a harvest — fertilize, do not yawn

“I love every tree, every bush,” Anna Ivanovna says when we ask how she manages to keep her garden in such order and achieve good harvests.

“Plants need care – you won’t stomp on them, so you won’t burst anything later,” that’s what my grandmother used to say. And if you cut, feed, process and water in time, then there will be a harvest — where will it go.

“My raspberries are always good, here in this photo is Hercules and from the edge of Zyugan. To make the berries larger and sweeter, I always fertilize the raspberries well and lay a thick layer of manure mulch. ”

“Apple and plum trees also love care — I do pruning, I make sure that the caterpillars do not attack, I feed in spring and autumn. Apples are then large, sweet, plums too.

“This year I bought strawberries — 30 new seedlings. Hercules, Queen Elizabeth, Honey. The first harvest has already been, now I am preparing the beds for winter.

We were very impressed with the photo tour of the garden of Anna Pavlovskaya — it is immediately clear that the plants are in reliable, caring hands. The harvest is also surprisingly good — ruddy apples, plums, grapes, vegetables — it all looks very tasty and appetizing!

Share photos of your productive garden, dear readers — we will be happy to talk about you in our Garden community. Send us your photos marked “For the section “Visiting buyers”” to with a description and we will prepare a publication especially for you.

The author of the photographs is Pavlovskaya Anna Ivanovna.

Address: Vitebsk region. Vitebsk district. village Sokolniki.


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