If you decide to plant something new in your garden in the new season, choose an outlandish variety of cucumbers. In the Becker store you will find a wide range of seeds for every taste. And most importantly, all of them are not only processed and hardened, but also zoned for the climate of Belarus. This means that with proper planting and care, you will get a bountiful harvest and no diseases!

Rules for planting seeds and seedlings

Before planting seeds in the ground, they should be prepared. To do this, use the following methods:

  • Disinfection. Seeds are soaked for 30-60 minutes in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. This will protect the sprouts from infection and grow strong healthy shoots.
  • Treatment with growth stimulants . This is a group of substances that activate the growth processes in the seed. If you can not buy a special solution in the store — prepare it yourself. To do this, you need 1 tablespoon of honey per glass of water or aloe juice, diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio. The seeds are kept in this solution for about 6-10 hours.
  • Germination . For germination, the seeds are placed on a damp cloth and covered with a bag. Due to high humidity and a temperature of +20…+24 ˚С, the seeds begin to swell and a sprout appears at one of the ends of the seed.
  • Hardening . When the seeds hatch, they are hardened. They simply transfer the container with planting material to the refrigerator for 12 hours.

Seeds prepared in this way give strong sprouts that are resistant to temperature changes and diseases. In addition, the seedlings of such seeds are quite friendly, the seedlings rise quickly.

Seeds are planted in open ground only if the soil has warmed up to + 15 … + 18 ˚С. You can plant seeds for seedlings. In this case, individual containers are used, since cucumber seedlings do not tolerate picking. If peat containers are adapted for these purposes, then when landing in the ground, the delicate root system will not suffer at all.

Containers sown with seeds are placed under a film in a warm, bright place at + 24 … + 26 ˚С. A couple of days after the appearance of the first shoots, the film cover is removed, and the temperature is lowered to +16, while lighting is also reduced. After three days of such hardening, the seedlings are returned to their original place and the temperature is reduced to + 20 ° C.

How to care for cucumber bushes?

After planting seedlings in open ground, it is watered abundantly, and after another 7-10 days, a small earthen hill is poured under the base of the stem. This promotes the development of additional roots.

Watering for cucumbers should be regular. In hot, dry weather, moisten the soil daily. Watering is best after sunset. Growing bushes require about 5 liters of water, flowering — at least 10 liters, and during fruit ripening — up to 15 liters per bush. If the weather is cloudy and cool, then cucumbers are watered less often, only once every 4-6 days.

It is very important to form a stem in climbing varieties of cucumbers. Lateral shoots pinch at a distance of 4-5 leaves from the main shoot. And pinch the apical growth bud only when the bush has reached the desired length. And do not forget to tie climbing plants or plant them along the trellis. This not only saves space in the garden, but also makes harvesting easier.

Cucumber seeds: there are plenty to choose from

Your favorite cucumbers can grow not only in the garden. If possible, build a greenhouse for them, and if there are absolutely no conditions, then a balcony window sill will do. The main thing is that there would be a desire and a suitable variety. Which? And this is what we are going to deal with right now.

Varieties for open ground

For the formation of the ovary, such plants require the presence of pollinating insects. Of course, self-pollinated varieties for greenhouses can also be grown in open ground, most importantly, not vice versa.

Variety of cucumbers Canned

Well suited for planting in a summer cottage. Mid-season cucumber has a compact fruit shape, thin dense skin and crispy flesh. For beginner gardeners, this variety will be a real find, because it is unpretentious and very patient with regard to irregular watering.


Middle-late variety Alyonushka

A real find by the end of summer. In August, when other cucumbers finish fruiting, Alyonushka will please a good owner with more than one basket of fruits. Cucumbers are good for pickling: they are small, dense and do not form voids.



This is a hit among varieties for open ground. It is resistant to diseases, unpretentious to growing conditions. The bush is long-branched, medium-sized and weakly branched. Its fruits have a universal purpose: in salads and for salting.


Cucumber XXL RR

Very long fruits, up to 45 cm, distinguish this cucumber from its salad counterparts. The plant bears fruit well in conditions of high temperatures and low humidity; forms the main shoot that needs a garter.


Greenhouse varieties of Zozulya cucumbers

A variety of cucumbers with abundant fruiting. High-yielding and unpretentious, he became the favorite of many gardeners. The plant is climbing, the bush lends itself well to shaping, does not need pollination, and therefore will bear fruit well in greenhouses.


Grandpa’s granddaughter

Parthenocarpic early ripening and multiple fruit variety. It is well suited for pickling due to its small size and thick pimply skin, which perfectly skips the marinade. At the same time, the cucumber does not form voids and retains crispy pulp. During the season, up to 12 kg of fruits are removed from the bush. The bush itself is resistant to powdery mildew, olive blotch and rot.

Early ripening varieties

Good not only as a delicacy on your spring menu, but also as a great item to sell. Just imagine with what excitement in the spring they sweep away early greenery from the shelves!

Grandma’s granddaughter

Early hybrid. Very climbing parthenocarpic cucumber, which is perfect for planting on a trellis. The fruits, as befits grandchildren, are small. They have a green skin all over covered with pimples. The plant itself is resistant to powdery mildew and root rot.

Faithful friend

Another variety ripens earlier than its green counterparts. The parthenocarpic medium-branched variety is good for salads and pickling. Fruits reach a mass of about 100-120 g, have fragrant pulp and dense skin.

Multiple cucumbers

This is just a miracle. On neat lush bushes, small cute cucumbers ripen together. There are so many of them, and they are all one to one. Green beauties are usually good for pickling, and what a wonderful taste they have!

Funny company

The yield of the variety is unparalleled. Universal cucumbers of a neat cylindrical shape 7-9 cm long ripen immediately in whole clusters. Up to 10 kg of fruits are harvested from one bush per season. For gardeners, this picture pleases the eye and soul. And the cucumber is unpretentious to the composition of the soil and is resistant to root rot.


emerald stream

The fruits of the variety ripen one after another in a continuous stream of fresh and juicy harvest. These salad fruits are early ripe. Their sweetish taste will please even the most whimsical gourmet. But the length, perhaps, pulls on a record: individual specimens reach 50 cm. The emerald bush is weakly pliable, of the parthenocarpic type of flowering, tolerates drought and temperature drops well.

Varieties of cucumbers for balconies and window sills

You can surprise guests and please yourself by planting an unusually compact cucumber bush on the windowsill or on the balcony. Short internodes, small leaves and generous inflorescence setting allow for a good harvest with a small amount of soil and costs.

Patio F1

Cucumbers are for balcony cultivation. It does not require as much lighting as standard varieties, tolerates rare watering well, while forming an abundant ovary. The fruits of lettuce cucumber are long, juicy, with sweetish pulp.


balcony miracle

Another variety for the beds on the window. Small cucumbers ripen together on a small, lush, slightly climbing bush in a flowerpot and can decorate your table from early spring to late autumn. In addition, stressful growing conditions do not affect the yield.


Making a purchase of seeds in the Becker store, you are guaranteed to receive not only a good harvest, but also the most pleasant farming experience. Because growing the cucumbers of your dreams with us is as easy as shelling pears!


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