It is getting colder outside the window with each new day, but this is not a reason to stop planting. You can get rich harvests at home. For example, lime, which is very useful for beriberi, due to the high content of vitamin C. By its amount, lime easily bypasses even lemon. But that’s not all. Growing limes is very easy. In this article, you will learn three easy ways to grow limes at home.



  •  You will need a ripe lime, from which a few seeds should be removed. This must be done carefully so as not to damage the seed material. Pulp may remain on the bones, it must be washed off with running water. Next, the seeds are sent to the humic fertilizer. Dry them after soaking. On average, this procedure takes 2-3 hours.
  • The soil is taken the one that is suitable for citrus fruits and 20% of river sand is added, which must be washed. If you want to make your own, then take the usual one and mix it with river sand. The recipe is the same.
  • The capacity should be at least 2 liters, since lime has a negative attitude to frequent transplants.


A drainage layer is poured at the bottom of the container, about 2 cm high. Prepared soil is poured. Further, indentations up to 1 cm are made in the soil with the help of a match. Plant seeds one at a time in a container so that when shoots appear, you do not have to replant. Sprinkle earth on top and cover the containers with lids, bags or glass to create the effect of a greenhouse.


When germinating seeds in a bright room with a temperature of 25C, you will notice the first shoots in two to three weeks. But at lower temperatures, seedlings will have to wait up to two months. The main thing to remember is that the soil with seeds must not be forgotten to be moistened with a spray bottle.


When shoots appear, the lids can be opened. The containers are put on the windowsill. Lighting must be good. Take care that there is no draft. Seedlings need moderate watering in winter. Feed no more than once a month. If the air in your room is too dry, water the leaves periodically. The water must be warm.


After a year, you can transplant the lime into a larger container. To do this, take a pot of 5-10 liters. Arrange transplants no more than once every three years. Try not to bury the root. The plant needs pruning of last year’s vertical branches in winter. We’ll have to remove the tops, leaving three to four kidneys. Do not forget that lime needs loosening.


  • Usually cuttings are cut from shoots (they should be a year old). Their length is up to 15 cm. Make sure that there are 4-5 buds on the cuttings. Under the first lower kidney, carefully make an incision. It must be slanted. Further, a centimeter above the top is done — a straight line.
  • For this case, the soil is prepared according to this recipe: leaf humus plus river sand. Place a layer of expanded clay and soil in the container. It should be compacted a little. This is easy to do if you connect your palms. After that, the soil is slightly moistened.
  • Before planting, the cuttings are treated with a growth stimulator, the slices are carefully sprinkled with crushed charcoal. It is necessary to deepen into the soil by one and a half to two centimeters. Make sure that the leaves of the plants do not touch each other.
  • Plants are sprayed and covered with a lid, bag or aquarium to create a greenhouse.


Containers are sent to a well-lit room, making sure that direct sunlight does not fall on the plant. Plants are watered 1-2 times a week, while spraying twice a day. You will find the first roots in a couple of weeks. However, transplantation should be carried out after three months. In addition, an earthen lump should remain on the roots.


In order for the transplant to be definitely successful, a week before this, it is necessary to increase the amount of time at which the lime is without shelter.



This method is the simplest of all. You buy a lime, for example, with OKS, treat it with a growth stimulator and plant it in a 5-10 liter container. The seedling is regularly watered and fed. Also do not forget about loosening.


If you buy lime with ZKS, it is transplanted into a large container no earlier than after 2 months.



Lime in the winter can not do without additional lighting. After all, its light day is 10-12 hours. For this task, a phytolamp is usually used. The required room temperature for plant growth should be in winter — 10-15C, in summer — 30-35C with a plus sign.


For irrigation, settled water is needed, up to + 24C. Organize watering when the topsoil dries out and monitor the humidity. For this it is desirable:


  • spray once a day with a spray bottle;
  • it is recommended to install a humidifier near the lime;
  • a container with a seedling is placed in a pan in which there should be some water;
  • if the lime is in a room with low temperatures in winter, it is not fed.

A seedling grown from a container will begin to bear fruit in the second third year. If you decide to grow a lime from a seed, you will get a crop from 3-4 years. For you in our online store there is a huge catalog of seeds, seedlings, bulbs and perennials — over 5000 species in stock!


Inna Orlova



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