Non-stepping tomatoes are tomatoes that produce few side shoots, which greatly facilitates plant care and increases yield. Such species spend all their energy on fruit formation, and not on building up green mass, and bring a good harvest with minimal care.


Removal of stepchildren: why and for what

A stepson is a shoot that grows from the axils of the leaves, thickening the crown of a tomato bush. Sometimes several stepchildren can grow from one node. The plant in vain spends vitality on the growth of green mass, while diverting nutrients from the pouring fruits. These troubles are easy to avoid if you choose the right varieties of non-stepping tomatoes for growing in open ground or in a greenhouse.

The best varieties of non-stepping tomatoes

Among the huge variety of varietal tomatoes that do not require the removal of stepchildren, there are specimens for every taste:

  • For open and closed ground.
  • Salad or pickling purposes.
  • Early maturity.
  • With different color, weight and shape of fruits.



Main characteristics

Tomato Nepas 11 (Non-stepping indoor)

A unique undersized tomato with small red-skinned fruits. The variety is early maturing, can be grown in a pot.

Ripening — a maximum of 95 days.

Fruit weight — up to 20 g.

Plant height — up to 25 cm.

Tomato Nepas 3 (Non-stepping pink)

The variety can be grown in a seedless way. Large pink fruits, juicy, fragrant, with excellent taste.

Ripening — in 85-90 days.

Fetal weight — up to 140 g.

Plant height — from 40 cm.

Tomato Nepas 2 (Non-stepping raspberry)

Large raspberry fruits have a flattened-rounded shape. The pulp is dense, tasty with a pronounced tomato flavor.

Ripening — a maximum of 110 days.

Fruit weight — up to 100 g.

Plant height — from 55 cm.

Tomato Nepas 7 (Non-stepping giant)

Red shiny fruits ripen from mid-summer to September.

Ripening — 105 days.

Fruit weight — up to 200 g.

Plant height — from 50 cm.

Tomato Nepas 14 (Non-stepping sugar)

Large fruits of tomatoes have a classic shape and excellent taste. Delicate sugary pulp is painted in pink-red color.

Ripening — 90-105 days.

Fruit weight — up to 100 g.

Plant height — from 60 to 80 cm.

Tomatoes NEPAS — special group

The NEPAS varieties were presented to vegetable growers by breeders from the SedeK company. These varieties do not grow to a height of more than 60-70 cm, so caring for them is easy and simple. Stepchildren practically do not grow from internodes, so the crown is well ventilated, which allows you not to be afraid of the occurrence of a terrible disease of tomatoes — phytophthora.

The variety series NEPAS includes tomatoes for fresh consumption and pickling, they grow well in the greenhouse and garden beds. The best varieties for salting are NEPAS varieties No. 4-6; 8-10; 13, which have dense, even fruits with a rich taste.

How to grow seedlings of non-stepping tomatoes

There are no special requirements for planting and growing tomatoes of the NEPAS series, but compliance with general agricultural practices is mandatory.

Many varieties do not require growing seedlings, but if the gardener still decides to plant seeds for seedlings, you should choose the right time. It is not recommended to sow non-stepping tomatoes earlier than 2 months before the date of planting in open ground. In each region, this period will be very different, because the climatic conditions in the regions are different. Before sowing, it is better to treat the seeds in a solution of potassium permanganate, biological products and Fitosporin.

Sowing is carried out in loose light soil to a depth of 1 cm. The distance between shoots is kept at least 2 cm. Germination is carried out in a bright place at a high temperature. Containers with seedlings should be covered with glass or plastic wrap — greenhouse conditions contribute to more friendly germination of seeds.

You can dive young tomatoes at the stage of 2-3 leaves. After picking, it is imperative to harden the seedlings; prepared plants are easier to transplant into open ground.

When planting young plants in beds, you should adhere to the scheme of 30 x 50 cm. By this time, up to 6 leaves should form on the seedlings. Elongated seedlings should be buried in the ground, laying the stem horizontally in the prepared furrow.

Quite simple rules, and the harvest can be excellent, and there are no particular worries.

Did you know that delicious tomatoes can be grown at home on a windowsill or balcony? Do you want to know how to do it? Let’s talk about this in our article.

Author: Natalia Palamarchuk


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