The secret of a good harvest of tomatoes: variety and growing conditions

Every year in your garden you conduct a mini-experiment. You buy new varieties of tomatoes, plant them according to the usual pattern and wait for a super harvest. Sometimes the result upsets, sometimes pleases. It turns out that on average, from year to year, the yield of tomatoes is moderate, but I would like it to be high! We will help you get super profits and a lot of fun from farming. With planting material from Becker and thanks to the advice of professionals, your tomato garden will become exemplary.

Council number 1. tomato place

It is best to plant tomatoes in enriched soil. It’s good if cabbage or carrots grew in this place last year. In the neighborhood they plant the same cabbage or onions, you can plant legumes, radishes, parsley. But dill or fennel is not the best neighbor for tomatoes. When laying holes for seedlings, they are arranged in such a way that the rows stretch from east to west. In this case, the plants will receive maximum sunlight.

Council number 2. We form additional roots

A few weeks after planting the seedlings, bulbils appear on the near-earth part of the plant stem, they must be sprinkled with moist earth. The same hilling is carried out after the lower part of the stem has changed its color. Mulching has the same effect. Mulch made from straw, hay, grass, or fallen leaves retains moisture in the soil around the roots and helps build root volume.

Council number 3. We pollinate according to the rules

In order to get an abundant ovary, you need to take care of the pollination of peduncles. To do this, the bushes of tomatoes growing in the greenhouse are gently shaken. Plants need to be watered after pollination. And a few hours after watering, ventilate the greenhouse.

Council number 4. Spray for flavor

To increase the number of ovaries and stimulate fruit growth, you can go for a little trick. It is enough to spray the plant with a solution of boric acid of low concentration during the flowering period. The presence of boric acid stimulates the deposition of sugars in tomatoes, which will make your crop even tastier.

Council number 5. We fertilize

For a good harvest, tomatoes need fertilizer. When preparing the soil for planting tomatoes, it is dug up with compost or superphosphate. But it is important to know that if you leave tomato tops in the fall in the area where you plan to plant tomatoes in the spring, then this will be an excellent fertilizer. The crushed healthy ground part of the plants is suitable as a fertilizer.

Council number 6. Removing parts of the leaves

If you periodically remove drying leaves from the bottom of the plant, you can increase the yield. The plant will give all its strength to the formation of fruits. In addition, drying or rotting leaves can cause infection, so it is better to eliminate them. Leaf picking is best done in the morning. During the day, the damage will dry out and will not cause the stem to rot.

Choosing a variety of tomatoes to your liking

The time for sowing tomato seeds relative to the climatic conditions of Belarus falls on the 3rd decade of March for greenhouses and the 2nd decade of March for seedlings in open ground. Therefore, do not miss the precious time to prepare for the planting season, choose the seeds of the best varieties now.

Early Ripe Hidalgo

It bears fruit with relatively small tomatoes weighing up to 120 g. But such round-cheeked vegetables are well suited for pickling. The peel from them is easily separated, which expands the range of dishes for cooking.


Summer resident

A real fitter. It is unpretentious to weather conditions, therefore it appears in the garden before everyone else and begins to bear fruit in July. He is not afraid of heavy rains and cloudy weather. Even in such conditions, medium rounded tomatoes ripen, weighing up to 180 g. They are good for salad and pickling.


Mid-season and late-ripening Raspberry Elephant

The fruits are round-flat, reddish-pink in color. Bushes grow well in open ground and under a film, but require a garter. Ripe tomatoes have an unsurpassed aroma and sweetish taste.


Mid-late variety Sugar Brown

This plant is up to 2 meters high, bearing maroon and brown-red fruits, fleshy and sweet in taste. This salad tomato prevents aging, because tomato juice from it is a real elixir of youth.

Large-fruited Bull’s heart red, pink, raspberry

The mass of fruits reaches an average of 600 g. Tomatoes are fleshy, sweetish and well suited for summer salads. With a yield of 17 kg per 1 m2, you need only a dozen bushes so that giant tomatoes decorate your table all summer. 

Siberian giant

The name of the variety speaks for itself: these tomatoes really have no equal. The weight of fruits reaches 800 g, and some champions even 1200 g. Don’t believe me? Plant this variety on your site and see for yourself! Two-meter bushes will delight you with fleshy, sweet, with barely noticeable sour fruits. What to do with a huge harvest? If you can’t master it in a salad, you can boil juices, preserve in pieces or bake in the oven.

Ampel varieties suitable for growing on the balcony Cherry Falls

Early maturing and prolific variety. Small compact branched bushes (up to 1 meter high) are completely hung with neat small tomatoes. You will appreciate this variety for its unpretentiousness and resistance to climatic conditions and diseases. Selected delicious fruits will look incomparable in winter preparations and summer salads. During the season, up to 50 fruits are removed from one bush from each brush. But the most important thing is that the plant bears fruit all year round, regardless of the season.

red abundance

This variety will provide you with a real balcony miracle all year round. Bushes grow well in pots, forming vines with clusters of small red fruits. Each tomato weighs no more than 25 g, but how many of them are on the bush! And yes, it tastes just amazing. Plant a couple of such bushes on the balcony and you are guaranteed an abundance of tomatoes on the winter table.

For greenhouses Cream Chocolate

Favorite tomato of many gardeners. Early ripe. It is valued for its resistance to fruit cracking, rot and tobacco mosaic virus. It is well transported, has an excellent trade dress.


bull heart golden

Perfect for growing in greenhouses . The bushes of this tomato require garters and pinching. Fruiting in August-September. The fruits ripen on a brush of 3-4 things and reach a mass of up to 500 g, have a fleshy center and a sweet taste.


Unusual color tomatoes Viagra

An indeterminate (with unlimited growth) bush bears fruit with purple-black tomatoes. Quite a non-standard sight, but if you are a lover of curiosities — choose this variety. Scientists claim that the components of such juicy and tasty tomatoes prolong youth and prevent cancer. Quite a weighty argument for landing, agree?

blue bunch

The novelty of this year really has a blue fruit color. In just 80 days from the moment of planting, the first tomatoes ripen, so you can see for yourself their unsurpassed taste. During the season, up to 6 kg of blue crop can be obtained from a bush.

Use the secrets of planting, choose the right varieties and get delicious harvests with the Becker store!


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