The roses have turned black after the winter.

The reason that roses turn black after wintering can only be illiterate plant care. Here we include the untimely removal of the shelter and the wrong material. First of all, you need to remove all the blackened parts and cover the cut with garden pitch. You can also use green.

If you cover the roses too early in the fall or remove the cover too late in the spring, the shoots may turn black. The same reaction should be expected in response to too thick a layer of insulating material, which interferes with the free passage of air and provokes damping.

Melted snow that seeps under cover is also a common cause of blackening of roses. From warm water, the plants become moldy and begin to rot.

During the winter, under cover, roses wean from the sun. Therefore, from too bright light and a long daylight hours, the shoots also turn black.

We must also remember that after winter it is necessary to carry out spring pruning of roses — one of the most important of the season. During the pruning process, all dry branches that have frozen over the winter, all diseased and unproductive shoots are removed.

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