The most beautiful red roses: 10 best varieties with photos

Why we choose roses to decorate our gardens, no one needs to explain. These royal persons have long conquered our hearts and captured our thoughts. Why are we talking about roses of a certain color? The sensual charm of a red rose for a rosary has a strong emotional impact, awakens the desire to admire this miracle, own it and make it the star of your own rosary.

#1 Rose English Astrid Graffin von Hardenberg

This is the name given to the magnificent English rose — a large shrub that has some signs of a climbing plant. It reaches a height of 1-1.5 m, and a width of -1.2 m. Dense dark green foliage covers the stems, each of which forms 5-6 oval-shaped buds.

The opened densely double flower has a classic shape, and reaches a diameter of 12 cm. Dark red petals frame the lighter central part of the flower. A pronounced aroma has a slight hint of lemon. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best varieties of red roses.

# 2 Rose Canadian Hope of Humanity

Hope for Humanity is the name of this Canadian rose, bred for the centenary of the Red Cross organization. Relatively compact bush has 65-95 cm in height and 60 cm in width. Looks very decorative even without flowers.

On each of the erect shoots, 3-5 buds are formed, resembling hybrid tea varieties. Medium-sized flowers, 4-6 cm in diameter, consist of 10-15 petals each. Their red color becomes more saturated in the direction from the center of the flower to the periphery. The aroma of the plant is barely perceptible, but very pleasant.

 # 3 Rose garden Isabelle Renaissance

This floral masterpiece was created by Danish breeders in 1998. This extremely unpretentious plant forms a strong upright shrub up to 1.5 m in height and up to 1.25 m in width. Under the cover of shiny glossy foliage, it looks luxurious.

The buds on the stem can be single or in inflorescences of 3-4 pcs. Flowers in the form of rosettes with bright red petals reach 15 cm in diameter. They don’t fade in the sun. The plant is characterized by an unusual old aroma and exceptional unpretentiousness — this is a very beautiful red rose.

# 4 Ground cover rose Scarlet Mayandekor

This wonderful rose, bred in France, is used as a standard form. It is decorated with arches, arbors, hedges and mixborders. Even in containers, she feels great. A round-shaped bush with branches curved in the form of fountain jets reaches a height of 1-1.5 meters and a width of up to 1.8 m.

Bright red petals in the amount of 40-45 pieces form a delicate miniature — a double flower. Small, 3-4 cm in diameter, cup-shaped flowers form inflorescences — 10-15 buds on one stem. Continuous flowering lasts from July until frost.

#5 Red climbing rose

Red are, of course, popular climbing roses — favorites of landscape designers. It is with the help of this plant that you can decorate gazebos, pergolas and arches, as well as hide fences or buildings for technical purposes. Red is a rose, the lashes of which reach 4 m in length, with a bush width of 2 m.

At the time of flowering, the bush is literally strewn with scarlet spots of flowers and looks simply luxurious. The festive appearance of the plant pleases the eye. Petals of even color form medium-sized double flowers with a pleasant aroma. If you are looking for the most beautiful red rose, check out this variety.

#6 Rose Spray Red Sensation

Rose spray or pink spray, has another name — patio rose. This is a compact plant that blooms actively throughout the season. The direct purpose of the variety is the creation of wedding decorations, bridal bouquets and similar compositions from its goblet small flowers. However, these plants can also decorate the rose garden.

The red buds of Red Sensation delight with their freshness. They are formed on stems, almost devoid of thorns. The plant itself forms a neat bush 30-50 cm tall, which looks very good on the first line of the flower garden.

#7 Floribunda Rose Nina Weibul

Spectacular floribunda Nina Weibul confidently holds leadership among Scandinavian roses for quite a long time, which is not surprising: after all, neither precipitation nor the hot summer sun can affect the beauty of the rich red buds of the variety.

The oval-cupped flowers are 5-7 cm in diameter. They are formed on a medium-sized bush (90 cm high and 55 cm wide). Flowers on stems are arranged in bunches of 10 buds each. Sometimes the number of flowers in a bouquet can be doubled or even tripled.

#8 Rosa hybrid tea Red Berlin

If you dream of growing an unrealistically beautiful cut rose, then Red Berlin is what you need. A strong, slightly spreading bush of the plant can reach a height of 80-100 cm and about 80 cm in width. The unexpectedly burgundy foliage covering its shoots gradually acquires its usual green color.

Goblet buds turn into large (up to 14 cm) flowers of a classical form. Each flower consists of approximately 25-40 bright red petals. As a rule, one to three flowers bloom on the stem. The plant blooms for a long time and profusely.

#9 Rosa hybrid tea Black magic

It is impossible to talk about the best red roses without mentioning the Black Magic, without which not a single rating can do. Its lush bush reaches a height of 1.50 m and a girth of 1 meter. There are few thorns on the shoots.

The conical shape of very dense buds attracts attention already at this stage of flowering. Blooming, the flower first takes the form of a glass, and later — a bowl. Velvety petals (30-50 pieces) spirally twist around the center. A light silver coating over red creates the very effect of mystery and magic.

# 10 Hybrid tea rose Burgundy

This is the case when you can fall in love with a rose at first sight. A small bush only 1 meter high and about 70 cm wide from July to September is decorated with incredibly beautiful flowers with amazingly red velvety petals.

The beauty of the flowers of the plant can be enjoyed at all stages of its flowering from half-opening to full disclosure, at which the strict outlines of the flower are no longer visible. The plant is versatile in use: its flowers are beautiful both in a bouquet and in the garden.

The best red roses for summer cottages and gardens can always be ordered on the Becker website. Enjoy the flowering of beautiful plants, the quality and variety of which we guarantee.



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