The onset of autumn does not mean at all that it is time to finish work on the plot and garden. Plant life during this season, although suspended, does not freeze completely. Experienced gardeners know that many types of trees, flowers and greenery are best planted in the autumn. When planting, pay attention to climatic conditions, seedling variety, soil condition.


For each region of Belarus, the landing dates are individual. In general, this is September-early October. However, it is still better to focus on the weather, because it dictates its own rules. So, the transplantation of seedlings is carried out during their dormant period (after the end of leaf fall). Therefore, the procedure is sometimes postponed until November.


Planting trees in the fall has many benefits:

  • Saving time. In the spring, there are a number of other chores in the garden, so you don’t want to be distracted by what you can do in advance.
  • The quality of the planting material. In autumn, freshly dug up, «fresh» trees and shrubs are sold. The seedlings of the Becker online store are delivered in special packaging, so their viability is preserved during transportation.
  • Ease of landing. All that needs to be done is to plant the plant in accordance with the requirements. Further, nature itself will supply it with the necessary amount of moisture. Until the moment the earth cools down to a 4-degree temperature, the tree will let go of the roots and take root completely. In the spring, it will begin to develop two weeks earlier than plants planted after winter.

For autumn planting, it is worth choosing winter-hardy varieties of fruit trees and shrubs. In the online store «Becker» you will buy seedlings of pears and apple trees that will definitely survive the winter frosts. In addition, there are raspberries, currants, gooseberries. All our planting material is adapted to the Belarusian climatic conditions, so it grows and develops well.


Many gardeners are faced with the fact that the onion planted in the spring season gives little yield and goes into the arrow. Those who tried to plant it in the fall do not experience such troubles. There are other benefits to planting vegetables and herbs in the fall:

  • There is no need to provide winter storage, because during this period it is difficult to create optimal conditions for crops.
  • Cheapness. In the autumn season, they sell small sets, which are collected in bags. You get more planting material for the same money, and, therefore, a better harvest.
  • Early harvest. For example, onions will ripen in July.
  • Pest resistance. Overwintered greens are less susceptible to onion flies and other insects than fragile plants planted in spring.

For planting before winter, the experts of our store recommend choosing carrots, dill, beets, radishes, celery.


When planting bulbous, annual and perennial flowers in the fall, the shoots will appear already with the onset of the first spring heat. And very soon your cottage will be decorated with beautiful multi-colored buds. Flower seeds are best planted in October-November, when stable low temperatures are established. What gives the autumn planting of flowers:

  • Plants become more resistant to weather conditions and pests.
  • Flowers form inflorescences and buds two to three weeks earlier than those planted after winter.
  • There is no need to soak and soak the seeds in water, because in autumn there is enough moisture in the soil.
  • You can forget about watering — the autumn rains will “finish” everything for you.

In the Becker online store you will find crocuses, chionodoxes, daffodils, peonies and hyacinths that will bloom with the first rays of the spring sun. Annual plants (calendula, marigolds, chrysanthemum, mattiola) will bloom longer and more abundantly in spring. Before winter, we also recommend planting daisies, violas, irises. To prevent the flowers from freezing, cover the plantings with mulch.


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