What is frigo

Frigo is a way to save seedlings of strawberries and strawberries and get a big harvest in the first year after planting.

How it happens: annual bushes are artificially immersed in a state of rest. It is important to establish and maintain a certain temperature (from 0 to -2 degrees) and high humidity.

Why does it work? Only healthy annual bushes with a good root system and strong stems are suitable for using the freego method. Plants are dug up in late autumn, when they are already preparing for bed. The roots are washed from the soil, the leaves are cut, the bushes are hermetically packed and sent to the refrigerator.

Why use this method

The main advantage of strawberries and strawberries frigo is the prospect of getting a high yield in 2.5 months after planting. In addition, the harvest can be planned by planting bushes in several visits with an interval of a couple of weeks.


Frigo seedling classes

The yield that you get from strawberries and strawberries frigo depends largely on the varietal characteristics and size of the plant. In this regard, seedlings are divided into 3 types:


Horn diameter*, mm

flower stalks

Productivity, g/bush




up to 150





A+ extra

over 20

up to 5

up to 400-450

* A horn is the part of a bush between the roots and the rosette of leaves.

If you follow all the rules, seedlings can be stored for up to 9 months. After defrosting, it is forbidden to pull with planting — every day the supply of nutrients in plants decreases, and the plant itself quickly weakens.

Planting frigo seedlings

Prepare beds for planting in advance. If you plant in the spring — then in the fall, if in the fall — a few weeks before planting. They are fertilized with rotted manure. Loams are enriched with organic matter. Before planting, you can use a complex mineral fertilizer. Be sure to water the bed and maintain moisture for the first couple of weeks after planting.

It is very important to correctly place the roots in the hole and the root neck. We straighten the roots so that they do not wrap up. The root neck should not be lower than the soil level, but not rise. The distance between the beds should be about half a meter. Between individual plants in a row — 30 cm.

Landing Care

To get the maximum yield from frigo seedlings, you need to properly care for it. Care should include:

  • regular watering;
  • top dressing (2 times during the formation of ovaries with complex mineral fertilizers). You can alternate mineral and organic top dressing (1 cup of mullein or bird droppings per bucket of water, insist for 5 days, then strain, dilute at the rate of 1 cup of infusion per 10 liters of water and add 1 liter per bush).
  • loosening (combine with weeding);
  • shelter (it is convenient to use modern non-woven materials or straw).

Care can be significantly simplified if the bed with grown strawberry bushes is well mulched with straw: it inhibits the growth of weeds, prevents the evaporation of moisture, keeps the soil loose, and the berries clean.

In October, plantings are abundantly mulched with rotted manure and humus. As a rule, even in cold climates, garden strawberries winter safely under snow without requiring additional shelter, but sometimes gardeners use light shelters to protect plants from frost in winters with little snow and prolong the laying of flower buds.

And finally, it is worth noting that strawberries are one of the most popular plants for growing. And growing it from seeds is not so difficult if you know all the subtleties and nuances. And how to do this, we will tell in this article.

Author: Natalia Palamarchuk


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