Rose leaves are falling

The rose leaves fall due to several reasons that should be found out right away in order to save your rose garden and give it more decorative effect. The main causes of leaf fall in garden roses:

  • An ill-conceived place for decorating a rose garden — bright sun, acidic soil or drafts can harm the plant, causing it to begin to throw off its leaves.
  • Lack of necessary substances — greatly affects the appearance of the bushes. For treatment, use the fertilizers that the plants in your garden need.
  • Improper watering — without enough moisture, the plant withers and sheds leaves. Resume frequent and abundant watering to give the rose new strength.
  • Pests and fungal infections of roses can be one of the causes of leaf fall. Conduct periodic checks of the rose garden and use special preparations for the prevention and treatment of roses.

But leaf fall isn’t the only problem roses face. Sometimes holes appear on the leaves — this is the result of both fungal diseases and pests. And how to deal with it — read in our material.

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