It is difficult to find a gardener who would not want to have sweet and juicy grapes filled with the golden sun on his farmstead. Spring is the perfect time to make your dreams come true.

It has been noticed that a plant planted in the warm spring season takes root and develops better, and by the fall, with skillful care, it is already possible to get a well-developed and promising bush.

Preparing grape cuttings for spring planting

If you are planting not ready-made seedlings with a developed root system, but cut chibouks for propagation, then they need to be properly prepared for spring planting. On the eve of germination, planting material is kept in a container for a couple of weeks, at the bottom of which water is poured. It is even better to lower them for 24 hours in warm water with the addition of growth stimulants or honey (one tablespoon per bucket of water).

Next, future seedlings are immersed in containers with sand and soil mixture. Sprigs are periodically watered with warm water, to which it is useful to add a little manganese.

They can be transferred to open ground when the roots and first leaves appear.

Choosing a place and technology for planting grapes in spring

For a southern and heat-loving plant, it is important to choose the right place. It should be on the sunny side. If there are trees on the site, but you need to retreat 3-5 meters from them. The distance between the vines is 2.5 meters.

Depending on the climatic zone, planting is carried out from mid-April to mid-June to exclude the possibility of a return frost. At the same time, the temperature of the soil at a depth of 50 centimeters should warm up to 10 degrees Celsius. Sandy loam soil, black soil and light loam are best suited for planting grapes in spring.

A pit for a seedling is usually prepared in the fall, but this can also be done in the spring months:

Its depth varies from 60 to 80 centimeters.

  • Drainage is laid out at the bottom — this is crushed stone or broken brick, pebbles. Then sand is added, a layer of fertile soil with humus.
  • The roots of the seedling are shortened a little (it is recommended to hold them in a clay mash before planting).
  • The stalk is set at a depth of 30 centimeters at an angle of 45 degrees, covered with fertile soddy soil, watered abundantly, hilled and mulched.
  • Further care comes down to watering and fertilizing (here it should be noted that grapes love water).

Grape seedling care and watering

After 10 days, two to three buckets of settled or rain water should be poured into the groove, which is made around the bush within a radius of 20 centimeters, the same amount after two weeks. But you can even insert a pipe when planting in the hole, through which you will later supply water and nutrients directly to the roots.

The soil around needs to be periodically loosened, but when mulching with hay or straw, this will not be necessary.

The plant is very fond of foliar top dressing with boron, potassium and phosphorus. In the second half of July, root dressing is carried out with superphosphate and potassium sulfate. It is useful to pour ash under the bushes.

Young grapes planted in spring will have to be treated for pests, which in the first year may be: mites, leafworms, thrips and other parasites.

Competent support is the key to a healthy plant and aesthetics

Taking into account the fact that the vine bushes should be well lit by the sun in the future, not thickened and well ventilated, the construction of the support is no less crucial. The first year for a seedling planted in the spring, it is enough to install a couple of pegs and stretch the wire. But it is better to immediately build a capital support. What kind of support to put, everyone chooses according to his taste:

  • single-plane;
  • with a visor;
  • T-shaped;
  • arched.

One of the most common tapestries is single-plane. In this case, the racks are driven into the ground to a depth of 50 centimeters, the distance between them is 2.5 meters. But it will be more reliable to concrete them into the ground. The supports themselves can be made of metal or plastic pipes, as an option — wooden. Then a wire or fishing line is stretched horizontally every half a meter. Growing vines are fixed with soft material already at the first level.

The second version of the trellis is with a visor. In this case, the vertical part has a horizontal extension.

There is also a T-shaped option, when there are two racks on opposite sides of one bush.

If you decide to build a support in the form of an arch, then you should remember that its height must be at least three meters, and this will create additional difficulties when caring for grapes.

In any case, each of the options has its positive aspects and will aesthetically decorate the site.

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