Pink hydrangea turns white when soil acidity is not suitable. You can change the color of hydrangeas by adjusting the pH values: blue petals can be changed to pink or vice versa. In order to get the pink color of hydrangea, soil acidity should be maintained between 6 and 6.5.

Litmus papers can be used to measure soil pH. After that, you should keep the acidity of the soil at the optimal level for the plant:

  • To increase acidity, use table vinegar and citric acid.
  • To obtain alkaline soil, dolomite flour, chalk or lime is suitable.

The color of the hydrangea remains in its original form, provided that the necessary pH values ​​​​are constantly maintained.

One has only to recall that for many years the hydrangea was not available to most Central European regions. But not so long ago, thanks to the efforts and perseverance of breeders, completely new and no less attractive varieties have appeared that have enviable resistance to harsh climates.


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