Growing perennials in the garden is easy, and they make great seasonal flower beds. How to grow perennial flowers so that they bloom this year — read our article.

Viola (pansies)

Perennial varieties of viola are very beautiful unique plants that will delight you for a long time. It is actively used both in open soils when creating perennial flower beds, and in pots for decorating balconies and terraces.

The flowering of perennials for the most part begins only in the second year after planting, and viola is no exception. But if you use the cultivation of viola seedlings, then beautiful flowers can be obtained already at the end of summer. This procedure consists of several simple steps:

  • Large viola seeds are pre-soaked in a growth stimulator (for example, Epin) for 0.5 — 1 hour.
  • Prepared seeds are sown in seedling containers using light and fertile soils.
  • Picking viola seedlings is carried out when the third true leaf appears.
  • After the seedlings grow, the seedlings can be fertilized a little.
  • Viola planting in open ground is carried out in late April — early May.

Important! A perennial flowering plant can be obtained already this year by adding double superphosphate granules to the soil. Aquilegia

Aquilegia is a perennial flower with high decorative qualities, which is distinguished by a long early flowering period. Another name for this flower is eagles. Among their perennial varieties, specimens with double coloring are very common.

Growing aquilegia from seedlings is very easy, you just need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Step 1. Beginning in December, seeds should be prepared. First, they are left in the refrigerator for three to four weeks, after which they can be treated with a solution of any growth stimulator (Epin, Gumat or Zircon).
  • Step 2. Sowing perennial seeds for seedlings begins in February, using special containers.
  • Step 3. Picking seedlings of aquilegia is carried out when several true leaves appear.

Perennial varieties of aquilegia with this method of cultivation bloom a little later, but this is only a plus for the gardener. After all, with their help you can create autumn compositions of incredible beauty.


Frost-resistant perennial — Echinacea — is an elegant and very useful plant, due to its medicinal properties.

You can plant echinacea in open ground very early — this will allow you to get beautiful flowers in the first year after planting. It is recommended to plant perennials 20 weeks before the flowering period.

Flowerbeds from perennial flowers of aquilegia are possible only using the seedling method. And high-quality seeds in our catalog will help you with this.


Perennial rudbeckia flowers are so familiar and lovely to experienced gardeners. Saturated and warm shades of perennial create real rainbows in the flower beds. They can become both a basis and an addition to the design of flower beds and flower beds.

Rudbeckia perennials are grown using seedlings, starting all preparations in the winter. This is the only way to get beautiful flowers in the first year after planting.


Perennial varieties of chamomile in most cases bloom only in the second year after sowing the seeds. But it is quite possible to get beautiful flowers of cornflower already this season. To do this, use the seedling method of growing:

  • Sowing perennial seeds for seedlings begins in January.
  • Seedling picking is done when the first true leaves appear.

Important! Use soils with superphosphate for more blooming perennials.

Landing nivyanik in open ground occurs in May.

It is recommended to fertilize perennials throughout the summer for more lush blooms.

Unpretentious perennials in our catalog

Perennial varieties of flowers that are presented in our catalog will help you create a real paradise even in small areas. To do this, you can use a variety of flowering and herbal perennials:

  • avens
  • coreopsis
  • phlox perennial
  • penstemon
  • digitalis
  • daisy
  • catnip

Every gardener can create a beautiful perennial garden with high-quality seeds from our online store. We are happy to help you grow a blooming garden! We also want to note that the professional gardeners of the Becker online store have prepared TOP-7 of the most unpretentious perennial flowers for the garden especially for you.

Article author: Oksana Vysochanska

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