Panicle hydrangea leaves turn yellow — why

The reason that panicled hydrangea leaves began to turn yellow is the negative influence of external factors. These include:

  • lack or excess of light;
  • draft;
  • waterlogging;
  • drying out of the soil;
  • long flowering caused by special preparations;
  • poor soil;
  • increased alkalinity of the soil;
  • illness.

Before proceeding with the rehabilitation of the plant, it is necessary to determine exactly what the hydrangea is unhappy with. And only after that take measures — reduce or increase watering, introduce or stop fertilizing, increase the acidity of the soil.

 Often the cause of yellowing is fungal or viral diseases. Iron chlorosis is especially common. Get rid of it with drugs with a high iron content.

Finally, I would like to note that all hydrangeas need pruning. Competent pruning of hydrangeas is a set of procedures for the rehabilitation and formation of a bush. And depending on the season, sanitary, shaping and cardinal pruning are distinguished.


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