My garden and vegetable garden is my outlet, my place of power. I love every root that grows in the beds and flower beds. We bought the house quite recently, and I can not yet boast of pears and apple trees, everything is in the process of planting. But there are already flowers, berries and garden beds, and I bought a lot in your store. I invite you to take a walk through my domain!

Beauty irga was left to us as a legacy from past owners. A powerful tree — last year it gave such a harvest that it was impossible to harvest, and this year it pleases — all the branches are breaking under the weight of the berries.

Currants poured — this is the Vernissage variety, they took from you in 2018. It has grown, fluffed up and already brings such a harvest. Scatters of berries.

Raspberries ripen. The bushes are young — planted last year, but this summer there are already a lot of ovaries. Not everything is ripe yet, but the grandchildren are already nibbling berries, they don’t let her get bored)

In the garden I have high beds, and the aisles are covered with sawdust. Clean, no weeds, strict order. Everything I love. Beets, carrots, cucumbers — everything grows, blooms and ripens. I took seeds from you at a sale — it turned out two times cheaper than in our store.

And these are handsome patissons. I haven’t planted them for a long time, but then I wanted pickled ones — they turn out very tasty!

And here begins my flower kingdom!

Your roses are blooming — this is the beauty Sylvia.

Here I collected Lovely Green floribunda buds. I can’t wait until it opens up completely.

A modest white phlox lurked in the shade, I still can’t get around to transplanting it into the sun.

Petunia and nasturtium blaze in the flowerbeds.

The violas are very good — these are the terry petals of these beauties. Blooming race.

And this is Yellow Star — just a luxurious golden lily. This is my spring purchase from you.

Marigolds and fragrant alyssum bloom. I really like its aroma and unpretentiousness. A wonderful plant — grows and blooms, no matter what. Neither rain nor drought can stop him.

This spring I also bought hydrangeas, while planting them in pots, the place in the garden is not yet ready for them, construction is going on everywhere. But even in pots, they feel great, they fluffed up, grew, in the fall I will transplant already large plants.

And finally, the most delicious thing is the chic Love Story lily, I also took it from you. You can see the sizes for yourself, just huge flowers! I measured with a ruler — the largest bud is 20 centimeters. And how she smells! I liked it very much, it grows in a pot, the height is small — something about 50 centimeters, and the flowers are twice as large as those in the beds.

This is what my garden looks like. Thank you for walking around my property. Many thanks to the Becker store — more than half of the plants in the garden were bought here. Everything grows and blooms.


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