Mixborder with peonies, hydrangeas and other plants

Modern summer residents pay more and more attention to the equipment of recreation areas. Therefore, mixborders are becoming very popular elements of landscape design. Even an amateur grower can form such a flower garden from perennial plants. Once you have figured out the perennial mixborder schemes, you just need to choose the most suitable option. It remains to purchase plants and planting. The result will delight its owner for several years.

What flower garden is called a mixborder

A mixborder is a flower bed in which the plants that make it up are cascaded. This English word literally means «mixed border». The flower garden has an elongated shape: in comparison with the width, its length is about twice as long. It can, for example, be located along the entire garden path, having a width of only 1.5-2 meters.

The main principle of choosing plants for creating a flower garden of this species is the continuity of its flowering throughout the season. Primroses appearing from under the snow are the first to bloom. Then comes the turn of crocuses, tulips and other bulbs. Next, perennial grasses and shrubs enter the common flower choir. The parade of flowers ends with a powerful salute of asters and chrysanthemums.

Principles for the selection and placement of perennials

Of course, plants are not chosen randomly. There are selection principles that should be followed.

  • Compatibility. The composition of the flower garden should include plants that match each other in color and size.

  • Matching preferences. It is advisable to choose crops with the same requirements for the type of soil, the quality of the illumination of the site, the frequency of irrigation and top dressing. If the key characteristics do not match, the plants may not co-flower.

  • Bloom continuity. The perennials that make up the flower garden should bloom at different times so that one wave follows another, creating an inexhaustible stream of beauty and aroma.

When planting plants, you need to consider how much space they will need to live when they grow up. It is necessary to take this circumstance into account in order not to encounter the death of plants crushed by overgrown neighbors.

 Styles and types of mixborders

Depending on the type of plants that make up the flower garden, there are different styles of mixborders, among which the most popular are:

  • English. The basis of the English flower bed is made up of shrubs with elongated leaves (walnut, willow), then flowering crops (peonies, roses, hydrangeas), as well as less bright flowers (violas, daisies).

  • Lugovoi. This flower garden resembles a Moorish-style meadow, but has a characteristic mixborder shape. It consists of perennial grasses and cereals (fescue, haretail). As well as flowers characteristic of the Moorish meadow: chamomile, cornflowers, poppies, snapdragons, zinnias.

  • Rustic. This flower garden is represented by plants characteristic of the village. Even traditional berry crops (shadberry, gooseberries, various types of currants), as well as stonecrops, mallows, nasturtiums, etc. can be present here.

Depending on their geometry, mixborders are:

  •  unilateral;

  •  bilateral.

In one-sided, the tallest plants are planted in the background. As you approach the viewer, the height of the landings decreases in steps. Such perennials are located along the path, parallel to the fence, near the wall of the main or auxiliary structure.

Bilateral flower beds are broken in an open space. In them, the tallest landings are along the median line of the mixborder. From the center to the edges, the height of the plants gradually decreases so that each flower is clearly visible to the audience.

The best perennials for a mixborder

Ideally, the mixborder should look natural. To achieve this effect, you need to make the transition from tall to medium plants and from medium to short plants as smooth as possible.  

Tall specimens are planted first — skeletal elements. It is not at all necessary to try to create symmetry within the object, so individual specimens are planted randomly.

  • Evergreen shrubs and dwarf conifers. Boxwood, conical spruce, columnar yew, larch, juniper, Bergman pine.

  • Flowering shrubs. Spirea, Meyer’s lilac, jasmine, cinquefoil, magnolia, hydrangea, elderberry, white turf.

  • Herbaceous plants. Phloxes, mallows, American asters, clematis.

The middle tier is dominated by perennials.

  •  Long flowering. Polycolon, Echinacea, Coreopsis, Lavatera.

  • Decorative. Wormwood, cineraria, geyhera, majestic geranium, thunbergia, lilies, roses, peonies.

  • Perennial grasses. Sedge, feather grass, pearl barley, haretail, ozhika, meadow grass.

The lower tier is most often decorated with annual and bulbous plants. They add color to the composition and enliven it.

  • Primroses. Crocuses, snowdrops, muscari and blueberries.

  • Spring. Daffodils, tulips, primroses, irises.

  • Summer. Calendulas, violas, nasturtiums, hostas.

  • Autumn. Asters, chrysanthemums.

All plants should complement each other and look like a single composition.

Schemes for arranging mixborders

The first step in organizing a mixborder is to draw up its scheme. You can use ready-made developments from the Internet or sketch out a landing plan yourself. Work should begin by determining the plant that will dominate the plantings. If the «star» of the flower garden is hydrangea, then you need to find a mixborder scheme with hydrangea and develop your plan based on it.

It is useful to coordinate your own schemes with existing developments: you can learn the nuances of working with plants. For example, when creating a mixborder with peonies, it should be taken into account that the heads of the plant under their own weight can lean to the ground and spoil the look of the flower bed. Special supports or low bushes planted nearby will help to solve this problem, preventing peonies from disturbing the general appearance of the flower garden.

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