If you decide to visit my garden personally, you will see that I am a big fan of flowers, especially lilies. You are welcome — I am always glad to have guests!


Well, what can a garden be without raspberries? I have Zyugana Gold and Cascade Delight — very productive varieties. Raspberries grow large, sweet, real beauty. I save it for dear guests!

New Zealand delphiniums are incredibly good! No wonder these two-meter flowering candles are called the kings of flower beds and backgrounds.


This is a charming floribunda Ice Fo Yu. Its delicate petals with a purple center look festive and airy. The rosette blooms for a very long time and gives a soft and unobtrusive aroma.


Hydrangeas in my garden are free and spacious. They bend under the weight of their lush balls and panicles. Lilies bloom nearby, which are not inferior to hydrangeas either in beauty or in height.



Lilies are my special love. They grow all over the garden and I never get tired of buying new varieties every year. These are luxury OT hybrids. See the size for yourself — they are huge!



I also found a place for chic rhododendrons. I love them and care, and they answer me with lush flowering. Magic flowers — large and airy!



And here is the sweet strawberry. This is the legendary Albion — look how big the berries are. And they taste so sweet! Thanks to the Becker store for the seedlings.


Visiting Svetlana. How to prune roses in summer?

Autumn is the best time to plant roses. It will be a shame if you do not use this chance.


Just in autumn:


✔️Less labor costs during landing. It is enough just to plant a plant, water it and you can not remember about it until the moment of shelter. The rose will be watered by autumn rains, and now it does not need to be fed and sprayed.

✔️Higher survival. As a percentage, the survival rate of autumn seedlings is 50% higher. This is due to the fact that in autumn roses do not spend energy on the development of their above-ground part. During this period, only the root develops, which is most important when planting. Therefore, after winter, you will get strong plants that can develop leaves and lush buds.


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