To grow cucumbers in the winter on the windowsill, you need to choose the right variety, prepare the soil and containers for growing. We will tell you in this article how to do it correctly and what varieties of cucumbers are suitable for indoor cultivation.

How to choose the right variety of cucumbers for home growing

Not every variety is suitable for indoor cultivation in winter. But the choice of varietal gherkin seeds for window sills is still decent. Among the most popular:

Balcony miracle  — does not need pollination by wind or insects. Cylindrical cucumbers with tubercles. The length is from 7 to 8 cm, the weight of each greens is about 60 g. Productivity: 8-9 kg. Ripening time — 50-55 days.

Garland  is an early maturing variety, self-pollinating. Fruit length: up to 12 cm, weight: 110 g. Productivity: 14-16 kg. Ripening period: 45-50 days.

A homemade miracle  is a variety with small fruits (60-80 g). Zelentsov length: about 10 cm. Productivity: 12 kg, ripening time: 40-42 days.

Basic requirements for indoor cultivation of cucumbers

To get a rich harvest of gherkins at home, you should carefully observe the conditions necessary for the growth and development of plants in the winter.

Location selection

Indoor cucumbers, like ordinary ones, require a lot of light. Therefore, choose for growing windows that face south. Although you still cannot do without additional lighting — you will have to buy fitolamps. They will provide seedlings with light up to 16 hours a day, even in cloudy weather. If there is no way to buy special lamps, then LEDs will also fit.

Soil preparation

Cucumber soil needs light and fertile soil. You can purchase ready-made soil for cucumbers, or you can make the substrate yourself.

When preparing the planting substrate on your own, you should mix humus, peat and good fertile soil in equal parts, adding clean coarse sand.

The prepared mixture can be spilled with potassium permanganate or calcined in the oven at a temperature of 100 ° C. It is good to carry out these procedures no later than 2 weeks before planting cucumbers.

Fertilizers should be added to one bucket of the finished soil substrate:

  • Wood ash — 200 g.
  • Urea — 1 tsp
  • Nitrophoska — 1 tbsp. l.

Attention! For planting one bush of cucumbers, at least 6 liters of nutrient soil will be required.

The acidity of the soil is of great importance for the normal growth and fruiting of indoor cucumbers. Ideally, this indicator should be 6.6-6.8 pH. Do not be too lazy to check the finished soil if it is bought in a store. If the land mixture has high acidity, it is worth adding chalk or dolomite flour to it.

Optimum temperature

Cucumbers are a heat-loving crop, plants do not develop well in cold rooms. Adult plants can be content with temperatures from +22°C to +24°C during the day, from +18°C to +20°C at night, but seedlings should be grown at +24-26°C.

Preparing and planting seeds

If the cucumber seeds purchased at the store are colored, it means that they have already been prepared for sowing, but you should tinker with white seeds.

Seeds are placed for half an hour in a solution of potassium permanganate (1 g per 100 ml of water) for disinfection. Cucumber seeds that float to the surface are removed — they will not germinate.

Then the cucumber seeds are placed in wet gauze for pecking. You can treat the seed with growth biostimulants (Epin, Zircon). After about 2 days, the first seedlings appear.

Planting seeds for seedlings

The seedling method helps to get more viable plants, but those who are too lazy to bother with seed germination can plant them immediately in a permanent container and cover with a film.

Seeds can be germinated in peat pellets or plastic cups with proper light and heat.

After the seedlings grow up and good roots are formed (in the phase of 5-6 leaves), the plants are transplanted into suitable containers.

Things to remember when growing cucumbers on a windowsill

Temperature fluctuations can adversely affect the growth of indoor cucumbers. The growth of cucumbers stops when the air temperature drops to + 15 ° C, at + 10 ° C the plants completely stop growing. Scourges can die when the temperature drops to + 5-8 ° C.

Lack of moisture can cause plant diseases and death, so watering cucumbers should be regular and sufficient. Cucumbers are fed 2 times:

  • In the phase of two true leaves.
  • In the phase of three leaves.

You can use urea for feeding, ready-made complex fertilizers, special formulations for cucumbers.

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Author: Natalia Palamarchuk


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