Many lovers of indoor plants and pets are faced with such a problem — cats are not averse to hunting for flowers dear to their hearts. They tend to gnaw on plants or dig up soil in pots. Especially representatives of the cat family are not indifferent to dracaena and chlorophytums — these plants will be eaten, despite all precautions. Therefore, we do not recommend keeping them in a house where there is a cat or a cat.

Other plants can be saved from sharp teeth and nimble cat paws by adopting the methods that we will share with you in this article.

citrus flavors

Cats cannot stand the smell of oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits. If the plants have hairless leaves, then spraying them with lemon juice diluted with water (about 1: 2) will discourage the cat’s interest. You can lay out fresh orange or lemon peel near the flower pots, which has a pungent odor. The flower pavilions even sell original citrus decorations that will protect the flowers while decorating the interior.


Animals do not like the smell of ethanol. Pieces of cotton wool soaked in ordinary medical alcohol and laid out near containers with plants or directly in a pot will scare away furry «hunters».

Special sprays for plant protection

Sprays are of several types: having a strong smell, unpleasant to animals or bitter taste. These products will not harm plants.

glass barrier

Small plants can be briefly (2 weeks) covered with a glass jar. Animals will quickly lose interest in them. When you remove the protective «cap», the flower will no longer be of interest to cats.

To prevent the animal from tearing the soil in flower pots, you can use a special protective mesh with small cells. Stone mulch (heavy nut) or shells, spruce needles and cones, pieces of smooth glass laid in the ground will discourage cats from digging in a pot. Foil (cats don’t like rustling sounds) and sticky tape (animals don’t want to walk on sticky surfaces) spread around flower pots are your helpers in the fight for the safety of plants.

And in order for indoor plants to always be healthy, beautiful and pleasing to the eye, they need constant care. Our experts have compiled 7 golden rules for caring for indoor plants and are happy to share them.


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