The peach has long had a reputation as a whimsical and demanding southerner. He really loves the sun, and is picky about the environment (not compatible with many trees). But modern cultivars withstand low temperatures remarkably well and provide a rich harvest of sweet and juicy fruits. You just need to determine the place and properly land.  

Planting a peach: important conditions

Try to choose a planting site before you purchase a seedling. At the same time, take into account such criteria as lighting, soil features on your site and its size.

Lighting and distance between trees

Peach needs an open sunny area. The seedling’s need for light cannot be satisfied if mature trees with a lush crown grow nearby. They will cast a shadow on the seedling.

The distance between seedlings should be about five meters. Try to maintain the same distance between rows of peach trees.

In addition to shade, drafts are also contraindicated for peach seedlings. Therefore, plant the plant in the most calm places or near fences and other buildings. 

Ground Requirements

Feel free to plant a peach if your site has loamy soil or black soil of low acidity. These are the most suitable soils for its cultivation.

Also pay attention to the ground water level (GWL) in your area. Waterlogging the roots for a peach is detrimental. If the GWL is closer than three meters to the bottom of the planting hole, your seedling is doomed. 

When to plant a peach

You can plant peaches in spring and autumn. If you prefer spring planting, then consider two factors: it’s time to prepare for it from the end of autumn; you should wait until the temperature stops jumping and stays around 5 ° C. If you prefer to plant in the fall, then do it at least a month before the onset of cold weather. The plant must take root before frost hits.

How to plant a peach

Peach planting goes like this:

  • The soil in the place where the peach will grow is dug up and ash, compost, manure or any other fertilizers available to you are added.
  • They dig a hole measuring 60X60 cm. Please note that a hole for spring planting is prepared in the fall and filled with a substrate. The substrate should occupy most of the hole.
  • The seedling is placed in a moistened planting hole and its roots are carefully straightened before being covered with earth. Make sure not to immerse the root collar in the ground more than 3 cm. Install a special peg and secure the plant near it. 
  • Autumn planting requires one more manipulation with the tree — cut off the side branches, leaving only 3 on the tree, but the strongest. The place of the cut is important to process correctly. Use garden var for this.
  • Water the seedling thoroughly after planting and mulch the soil.
  • In autumn, it will not be superfluous to cover the stem of the tree with lime.
  • What trees do peach trees not grow with?

    The trees in our gardens do not grow quite harmoniously — most of them are constantly in a struggle for light and moisture. A tender peach is not able to compete with them on an equal footing. Therefore, experienced gardeners try not to plant it on such trees:

    • apricot;
    • cherry and sweet cherry;
    • pear;
    • Apple tree;
    • Walnut.

    Not only the neighbors are important for the development of the peach, but also the plants that grew on the site before it. He will definitely feel traces of strawberries, strawberries, peppers, eggplants, tomatoes and potatoes. They often leave behind infections that other trees cope with, and the peach dies before our eyes.

    How to cover for the winter

    Although the new varieties of peach can withstand frost well, they can harm young plants. Therefore, you need to take care of their protection in the winter:

  • Dig up the soil around the plant and water it. It will be useful for peach roots.
  • Use drugs (fungicides, for example) to spray the seedling to prevent diseases and pests.
  • Cover the place under the crown of the peach tree with mulch (sawdust, for example).
  • Wrap the trunk of a young tree with burlap, and wrap the crown with agrofiber or craft paper.
  • Look for the best seedlings of fruit trees with high winter hardiness on the website of the Becker store. We have only high-quality planting material for your garden.

    Author: Natalia Palamarchuk


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