Microgreens are a completely natural miracle product that is easily absorbed by the body, as it does not include anything harmful. A high concentration of useful substances, enzymes and antioxidants is achieved due to the fact that the culture at the time it hits the table is at the top of its activity. Of course, today you can buy microgreens in almost every grocery supermarket, but the prices for it bite. You can improve yourself without buying microgreens in the store. It can easily be grown on your own windowsill.


  • fast growth of plants. Microgreens can be consumed after 7-10 days from the moment of planting;
  • boarding availability. Culture does not require huge spaces, so there will be enough space for it on the balcony or window sill of a city apartment;
  • the possibility of year-round cultivation. Especially important is the cultivation of this valuable product in winter and early spring, when the body needs vitamins the most;
  • the possibility of eating raw, which saves time on cooking.


Growing this organic product does not require much effort. Here are six easy ways to help you grow microgreens in your home.

Method 1: soil

Take a regular container. A wide one will do and so that there are no holes in it. Soak the seeds. Keep in mind that soaking time varies by crop. Therefore, carefully read the recommendations on the package. Add some garden soil or seedling soil to the container. The height of the layer should not be higher than 3-4 cm. Spread pre-soaked seeds on the surface, then carefully sprinkle them with earth and moisten with water from a spray bottle. Cover the top of the container with a transparent lid, since inside it is necessary to create a greenhouse in order for the culture to germinate faster. In this case, you can use a bag, glass, lid or plain cling film.

The container is sent to a well-lit windowsill. As soon as sprouts appear, remove the lid. Sprouts need to be moistened with a spray bottle. This is done 2-3 times a day. Further actions depend on the crop being grown. For example, we wait for the appearance of cotyledon leaves and cut them off or let 1-2 true leaves grow. After that, the plant is recommended to be eaten or sent to the refrigerator, where microgreens can be stored for up to seven days.

Method 2: paper

Microgreens are easy to grow, even on paper. If you have a few extra paper towels around the house, these are perfect. You can also use toilet paper. Wet paper is placed at the bottom of the tray (having previously moistened it), while making sure that there is no excess moisture in the tray, because this can adversely affect the sprouts. Spread the seeds on paper, and then, as in the previous version, cover with a transparent lid. Put the seed tray on the windowsill and when shoots appear, remove the lid and make sure that the paper always remains wet (spray the sprouts 2-3 times a day).

Method 3: cotton wool

You will need cotton wool or cotton pads. I’m sure they are in every home. Put a thin layer of wet cotton wool or cotton pads in a container. Spread pre-soaked seeds on top. Cover the microgreens with a transparent film. The rest of the seed care, repeat, as in the previous methods.

Method 4: gauze

Great option for home growing. You can use not only gauze, but also non-woven napkins. To implement this method, the gauze must be evenly folded into several layers, moistened and laid out microgreen seeds. Remember to keep the gauze moist. Once the microgreens have grown, they can be pulled out along with the roots, which also have excellent nutritional value.

Method 5: jar

Try planting seeds in a jar. Take an ordinary, transparent jar, pour seeds into it and fill it with water for 24 hours. This is done so that the seeds swell. You will also need a mesh cloth or plain gauze. She needs to tighten the neck of the jar, and so that the fabric does not slip off, it is securely fixed with an elastic band around the neck.

After the seeds swell, the water is drained and the seeds are washed, while the mesh is not removed. The jar should be turned upside down, then try to place it on a pallet so that it is at an angle of 30 °. The main secret is that germinating seeds are washed with water 2-3 times a day. Also, do not forget that the jar should be upside down and be constantly tilted.

Method 6: special tool

When the useful qualities of microgreens were discussed online, many different devices for growing them appeared on sale. There are those that cost a lot and are quite complicated. However, now on the Internet it is quite possible to find simple cheap, but at the same time functional devices. For example, hydroponics is great for growing microgreens.

In this case, you take a container, fill it with water to the level of the mesh stand, then insert the tray, spread the seeds, close the lid that comes with the kit. You just have to control the humidity so that the seeds do not experience a lack of moisture and provide the sprouts with proper lighting — a window sill on the sunny side is suitable for this.

As you can see, it is not at all difficult to grow microgreens with your own hands. In our online store you can choose seeds — we have more than 2,000 thousand items.

Inna Orlova


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