Growing pepper on the windowsill in autumn will bring not only a vitamin harvest in winter, but also give beautiful flowering, decorating the gray everyday life in the house. In this article, we will tell you how, following simple rules, you can grow a wonderful crop of peppers on the windowsill.


Start by selecting seeds. All damaged seeds should be removed and only good and high-quality seed material should be left for sowing. Seeds are placed in gauze and kept in a solution of potassium permanganate or fungicides for at least half an hour. Next, the seeds are wrapped in a soaked cloth and periodically moistened with a spray bottle. It is important to find a warm place for seed germination and after 7-14 days plant them in containers.

To do this, take a pre-prepared clean container, pour the soil and spread the germinated seeds. The distance between the seeds should be at least 2 cm, then it is important to sprinkle with a thin layer of soil and pour them with warm water.


On the balcony or window sill, the first leaves will form in 21-30 days. As soon as two leaves appear on the sprouts — it’s time to transplant the seedlings into another container. To do this, take separate containers up to 200 ml so that the seedlings grow faster. After the seedlings grow up, you will have to increase the volume of containers.


In order to properly plant pepper seedlings, you need to follow simple recommendations. For example:

  •  Have your seedlings managed to acquire 4-6 leaves? Congratulations, it can be planted in decorative pots. Take a pot of at least one and a half liters, lay gravel drainage on the bottom of the pot.
  • Pour the soil into the container. Next, after digging a small hole in the ground, check that there is enough space for the roots and that they feel free after planting.
  • Take the seedling carefully by the top and transplant it into a pot. Check that the root neck should be deepened by at least 0.5 cm.
  • Hold the stem. Water the soil mixture with warm water, which should be absorbed.
  • Send seedlings to a windowsill or balcony.


With the advent of autumn, the day begins to gradually decrease, but the pepper needs the sun. Replacing the sun’s rays is easy, just use the lamp. Pepper should be illuminated for at least 10-12 hours.

Basically, gardeners prefer ordinary lamps for highlighting. This is not entirely correct. Such lamps give little light and excess heat. When they are close, they can burn the leaves and stems of peppers. Therefore, it is better to use phytolamps. They provide sufficient illumination for plants and are very economical.


You will have to prepare a place on the windowsill for pepper, as this plant loves heat very much. It is recommended to put a foam plastic between the container with pepper and the window sill, which will provide additional protection of the roots from the cold. Do not forget that even if the temperature in your room is + 23 ° C or more, the soil that stands on the windowsill will not necessarily be warm. To check the temperature of the soil, you need to install a thermometer in it.

For example, if a box is placed on a window near a cold frame, the temperature of the soil can be 10 or more degrees lower than in the room itself. Peppers do not like cold temperatures. Plants may stop growing or rot. Avoiding this is not at all difficult if you remove the plants at night from a cold windowsill or hang the window with thick sheets of paper. You can also install at a distance of 20-30 cm from the window special wooden or metal lattices (attachments to the windowsill) for plants. Check if there are any gaps in your windows, because peppers do not like drafts.


Central heating due to too dry air in the room can also adversely affect the pepper. Try to monitor the humidity of not only the earth coma, but also the air. Pour pepper with moderately warm water, as it can suffer from cold, not settled water.

When growing peppers on the windowsill, you can not do without top dressing. Feed the pepper at least once every 14 days. Complex fertilizers with microelements are perfect, and only after abundant watering. In addition, plants can be sprayed with cooled boiled water from a spray bottle. Once a month, peppers need to be watered with an extract from wood ash (no more than 30 g per liter of water). If you sow peppers in the fall and follow the simple rules for caring for them, then the plants will begin to bear fruit and by the beginning of February you will be able to taste the delicious fruits that you have grown on your own windowsill.

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Inna Orlova


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