Holes on rose leaves: causes and treatment

Holes appear on the leaves of the rose, both from fungal diseases and from pests. Before you start the fight, you should carefully look at the plant. 

Holes of different diameters with a brown border arise due to purple spotting. A fungal disease can be cured with drugs such as Vectra, Cumulus, Big or Bordeaux liquid. Procedures should be carried out when the buds swell, before the start of the flowering period and at the end of July.

Large irregular openings indicate the presence of the May beetle or cocoon moth. It is very important to start the fight against these pests in time. It is recommended to collect adults and their nests by hand, and only then spray the plant with bifenthrin, Semaphore or Talstar. 

Holes that grow to the very veins are caused by butterfly caterpillars. Treat the plant with insecticides.

Deformed leaves with small holes — leaflet. For adult butterflies, use special traps. You can get rid of caterpillars with a solution of bifetrin, nitrofen, or Talstar.

But one has only to remind that the roses were healthy and looked “at 100”, they must be cut regularly. And about the terms and rules for pruning rose bushes, it is written in great detail in our article.


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