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You need to prepare for spring planting in February. Pepper seeds should be prepared at the end of winter so that the seedlings have time to form well before planting.

Some gardeners themselves are engaged in the preparation of seeds from ripened fruits. If you like a certain variety, then this will be the right decision. And someone prefers annual renewal and acquires new elite varieties. In this case, do not forget to familiarize yourself in detail with the characteristics of the purchased variety of pepper.

preliminary stage

It is necessary to start growing pepper seedlings from seeds with the following activities:

  • Observe the timing of sowing seeds, they fall in mid-February, but no later than the end of the month. It is best to check the calendar, and sow the seeds on the growing moon.
  • Prepare the soil mixture two weeks before sowing. It is better if the soil is prepared in the fall. For the soil, peat chips, humus or compost and river sand are mixed — all one to one.
  • Seeds are disinfected in a light solution of manganese for about half an hour. Then they should be thoroughly rinsed with water.
  • To stimulate good seed growth, they can be soaked in melted water. After that, wrap the seeds in gauze, moisten it and put it near the battery for several days.
  • When the seeds swell, they need to be hardened. To do this, place the seeds in the refrigerator, where the temperature will be kept within 0 degrees, and keep for about 4 days.
  • Fill the seedling boxes with the prepared soil mixture, pour it with boiling water. After the soil has cooled, make shallow grooves (up to one and a half centimeters). There should be at least 5 cm between rows. Plant the seeds, cover them with soil and pour warm water. For better and faster germination, the boxes are covered with a film. Place them near the battery and maintain a temperature of 25-28 degrees.
  • seedling care

    After about a week, the first sprouts should appear. Now you can rearrange the boxes with seedlings on the windowsill and gradually remove the film. During the growth period, the temperature should not exceed 18 degrees. There should be enough light so that the seedlings do not stretch. Be sure to open the window several times a day to ventilate the room.

    A couple of weeks after sowing, you can make the first thinning of the plants. Leave only the strongest and healthiest seedlings.

    It is best to water the seedlings with melt water, which needs to be slightly warmed up. At first, watering is required rare, and as the plants grow, more frequent. Watering is done at the root, as soon as the top layer of soil dries. The soil should be moderately moist so that the roots of the plants do not rot. Periodically loosen the soil gently to enrich it with oxygen.


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