Love to grow flowers, but the summer season is over? Not a problem, because nothing prevents you from continuing floriculture “on the windowsill”. Growing flowers from seeds at home is a simple, inexpensive, but endlessly exciting experience.

In addition to seeds for home floriculture, which we have collected for your convenience in a separate section of the catalog, you can also grow some types of traditionally “street” flowers on the windowsill. For example, in a limited volume of a pot, daisies grown from seeds bloom beautifully.

Properties of plants for home floriculture:

  • shade tolerance, since direct sunlight penetrates through the window a limited number of hours a day;
  • compact root system that can feed plants in a small pot;
  • > long vegetation and flowering, otherwise why grow decorative flowering houses at all.

The main reward of a home grower is that plants grown from seeds are perfectly adapted to the conditions of your apartment, unlike store-bought ones.

The most popular flowers from seeds at home

In general, we will talk about all known plants. It’s just that we rarely think about how easy it is to grow them from seeds and get so much planting material for mere pennies that it will be enough for ourselves and everyone we know.

Persian cyclamen — the famous «butterflies on the winter window» — is one of the few unpretentious indoor plants from seeds, the natural flowering period of which falls on the cold season, but in modern varieties it can stretch into the summer.

Asparagus is indoor asparagus «at the minimum», which is grown for the sake of fluffy decorative shoots, ampelous or erect.

Pelargonium is colloquially a geranium, although not it, which is perfectly propagated by seeds, and both zonal or ivy-leaved varieties.

Everblooming Begonia is the most cheerful plant in this collection, ready to bloom continuously all year round, as long as it is warm and watered.

Coleus — «grandmother’s nettle» with brightly colored decorative leaves.

Eustoma is the most popular and fashionable lately flower for growing from seeds in pots and containers. In our catalog there is a whole selection of luxurious pot varieties with limited growth.

Gloxinia — brightly colored velvet gramophones over pubescent «violet» leaves.

Separately, there is a group of tropical exotics, which is headed by brugmansia with “angelic trumpets” of large flowers and a fruit-bearing passionflower liana, valuable not so much for fruits as for exotic, like alien inflorescences.

How to sow indoor flower seeds

The general rules are the same for everyone — sowing in seedling containers or mini-greenhouses with further picking of the strongest seedlings in larger pots. Only the requirements of seedlings to temperature and light differ.

For example, begonia seeds germinate in the light and in warmth, pelargonium seeds need darkness before germination, and cyclamen needs coolness. Manufacturers usually indicate all these features in the recommendations for growing, which are printed on the branded packaging with seeds.

General sowing rules:

  • the soil must be ready and, preferably, sterile;
  • the container should not be too high and have a transparent lid or film;
  • the soil must be kept constantly moist, but not wet;
  • picking seedlings is done in the phase of 2-3 true leaves.

By the way, pelargoniums, begonias and coleus have a wonderful property, thanks to which you can turn a garden into a paradise flower garden every year at no cost. All these plants are excellent cuttings — in the spring from the mother plant on the windowsill, you can cut as many cuttings as you like, which will easily take root, and over the summer a strong branching plant will grow from each. In autumn, the procedure can be repeated in reverse order — return the best plants to the windowsill in order to use them for propagation in the spring.

Brugmansia, grown at home from seeds, feel wonderful all summer in the open field or in a container, and return to warmth for the winter. These plants easily tolerate transplantation, even if it is accompanied by damage to the root system.

Tell us in the comments about which indoor flowers from seeds you managed to grow on the windowsill. Perhaps you have your own experience of breeding cyclamens, growing eustoma or a collection of royal pelargoniums?


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