Fruit trees: the best winter-hardy varieties

Gardeners in any climatic zone want to get a harvest of apples, pears, cherry plums, grapes, peaches and other crops, but the further north the dacha is located, the more problems arise during the wintering of heat-loving crops. Breeders are successfully working on breeding early maturing frost-resistant crops, annually offering the consumer new varieties of high-yielding apple trees, pears and other fruits. We offer an overview of frost-resistant varieties that are able to give a rich harvest in a short cool summer. 

Frost-resistant varieties of apple trees

Aphrodite — a tall plant can reach 9-10 m, the fruits are round, evenly colored, bright burgundy. Each ripe apple weighs about 130 g, the pulp is fragrant, juicy. One adult tree can produce up to 140 kg of delicious fruits. Ripening time — autumn. Frost resistance — up to -43 C. 

Ural bulk — golden sweet fruits weighing up to 300 g ripen when planting an apple tree in sunny areas. The height of the tree is about 7 m. The variety has an advantage over other varieties in winter hardiness, tolerates a drop in temperature in frosty winters to -50C without harming its health. From one tree it is possible to collect about 30-50 kg of apples per season. 

Pouring pink is an early summer variety with selected beautiful fruits of variegated pink-yellow color. The tree is low, grows no more than 3 m, which is convenient when harvesting. The taste of the pulp is refreshing, sweet and sour with a pleasant aftertaste. The weight of one fruit is up to 150 g. Excellent resistance to frost up to -42 C. 

President is a columnar apple variety with large yellow-green fruits (weighing up to 250 g), ripening in mid-summer. The height of the tree is no more than 2.5 m. Frost resistance is high, up to -42 C. 

Cinnamon striped — this apple tree has proven itself excellent in terms of yield, taste and quality of fruits, their appearance. Height — from 5 to 7 m. Up to 150 kg of fruits can be collected from one tree. Delicious and fragrant pulp, aftertaste of cinnamon. Frost resistance up to -42 C. 

Bogatyr — sweet and sour fragrant apples are green in color, after picking they turn slightly yellow. The self-pollinating variety is resistant to diseases and frosts, winters well without losses. 

I would like to note that among the columnar apple trees there are many varieties that are able to give a good harvest of apples, and are also highly resistant to frost. By giving preference to such varieties as early columnar, Medoc, Patriot, you can not only get a high yield of fragrant fruits, but also forget about worrying about apple trees in the winter. These crumbs-apple trees calmly endure frosts in the region of -40 C. Yes, and such varieties require little space in the garden. 

Pears: the most winter-hardy varieties of fruit trees

Early ripening — the height of the tree can reach up to 6 m, the variety begins to bear fruit 5 years after planting. Early summer maturation. The fruits are medium-sized, weighing up to 70 g, green. The variety is resistant to scab, has high frost resistance, easily tolerates frosts down to -40 C. Pollinators are required for the formation of fruits, the best varieties of pears for this purpose are Duchess, Chizhovsky, Lada. 

Duchess summer — large yellow-green fruits with a red barrel weighing up to 190 g, the pulp is tender, juicy with a spicy memorable taste with a touch of nutmeg. One tree can provide a harvest of delicious pears with a total weight of up to 120 kg. 

Children’s — early summer ripening with medium-sized elegant fruits of a rounded shape. Green fruits are covered with an alo-carmine delicate blush. The pulp is soft-creamy, fragrant, juicy. The weight of one fruit is up to 90 g. Excellent frost resistance — the variety calmly tolerates winter colds down to -40 C. 

Chizhovskaya is a tested frost-resistant variety with elegant yellow-red fruits. The weight of pears ranges from 120 to 140 g. The fruiting of the variety occurs already in 3-4 years. Tree height — up to 4 m. 

Lada is an early summer variety up to a maximum height of 3 m. The fruits are large, yellow, with a delicate red tan. The pulp is pleasant, tender, fragrant. The weight of one pear is 110 g. Up to 50 g of selected fruits can be collected from one tree. Frost resistance — up to -35 C. 

In addition to these varieties of pears, in areas with a harsh climate, columnar varieties can be grown, while it is worth giving preference to those that ripen early and have a declared high resistance to frost. 

Frost-resistant cherry: the best varieties

Cherry is less resistant to cold than apple, so for planting in areas with short summers and long winters, it is recommended to choose resistant hybrids of early ripening. 

Black large — huge dark cherry fruits weighing up to 7 g. The taste is pleasant, the pulp is uniform, fragrant. Medium-early ripening variety, up to 25 kg of selected cherries can be harvested from one tree. Tree height up to 4 m. Excellent frost resistance. 

Rapture is a columnar variety of early ripening. The berries are oval-conical, medium-sized, medium red, ripen in the first half of summer. Frost resistance — up to 

-38 C. You can collect a bucket of fruits from one tree. 

Chocolate is an amazing cherry variety with large juicy fruits weighing up to 4 g. Productivity is up to 30 kg per plant. Ripening time is average. For planting plants choose a sunny place protected from the wind. Frost resistance — up to -33C.  

Early ripening — early ripening cherries with abundant fruiting. Delicate red fruits have a pleasant taste. The weight of one fruit is up to 7 g. The yield from one tree is up to 3 buckets of selected cherries. 

Under extreme conditions, it is possible to grow zoned early-ripening varieties of sweet cherries, such as Italian, Iput, Helena and others. 

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