Growing flowers from seeds is a fascinating process, like magic. Florists have a huge range of ornamental crops at their disposal. If you sow them on time, the flower garden will be beautiful from spring to the first snow. So bookmark the calendar.

The question of when to plant flowers in the garden cannot be answered unambiguously. Ornamental plants are sown almost all year round. Heat-loving ones are grown in seedlings, cold-resistant ones are sown in the ground in spring, summer or before winter. The grower’s calendar is an excellent cheat sheet in which you can see the timing and technology of sowing the most popular inhabitants of our flower beds.

What flowers to plant in March

Knowing when to plant flowers for seedlings, you can easily grow heat-loving plants. Seedlings that have risen at home are transplanted into a flower bed from the end of April.

The lush flowering of ageratum lasts from June until the onset of cold weather. Seeds are distributed over the surface, without deepening, and covered with a film or glass. Seedlings are planted when the danger of night frosts disappears. The optimal distance between the bushes is 15 cm.

Carnations Chinese and Turkish blooms in June, decorates the garden until the first cold weather. Seeds are placed in grooves to a depth of 0.5-1.5 cm. The distance between seeds is 2-3 cm. Seedlings are planted in open ground according to the scheme 20 by 20 cm.

Bright carnival nemesia blooms from June until frost. The seeds are buried a few millimeters and covered with glass. Seedlings appear in 6-7 days. They are planted in open ground at the end of May, leaving 20 cm intervals.

Snapdragon (antirrhinum) blooms from mid-summer to late autumn. Seeds are sown in grooves to a depth of 2-3 mm. Seedlings are planted in the garden with an interval of 15-40 centimeters.

Do not forget to sow petunias in seedlings — ampelous, bushy, terry, multi-flowered. We have a huge collection of varieties, to which we have already added the most fashionable novelties of the season. 

What flowers to plant in April

In the middle of the month, cold-resistant plants can be sown in open ground:

  • alyssum,
  • poppy,
  • cosmea,
  • calendula,
  • year,
  • clarke,
  • delphinium,
  • cornflowers.

Annuals bloom in early summer. Perennials — closer to autumn and will continue to bloom next year.

Sowing in May in open ground

In early May, cold-resistant crops are sown in the garden. They will begin to bloom in the second half of summer.

Plant out zinnias when danger of frost has passed. Sowing depth 1 cm. Flowering continues from June to late autumn.

The seeds of the annual Phlox Drummond are laid out on moist soil so that they hatch faster. Seedlings dive into a flower bed 15-20 cm apart. Plants bloom without ceasing until the first frost.

Small balsam seeds are carefully scattered on the surface of moist soil poured into a container and covered with a transparent lid. Seedlings can be speared on a flower bed in the phase of 2 true leaves. The distance depends on the height of the variety. Plants grow and develop rapidly, bloom profusely until the end of autumn.

Young marigolds die even at -1°C, so they are grown either through seedlings or sown when the danger of returning cold weather disappears. The temperature at night should not fall below +5 °C. Sowing is carried out into grooves to a depth of 1 cm. In a row, plants are thinned out by 10 cm. Marigolds sown in the ground bloom in a month and a half.

Nasturtium has large seeds. They are sown in the ground in May, when all frosts have passed. The holes are placed every 30 cm. Seeds are laid 3-4 pieces to a depth of 2 cm. Nasturtium blooms for four to five months — from June to the first frost.

Favorites of first-graders annual Asters bloom from July to late autumn. Flowering begins 3 months after sowing. The seeding depth is 1 cm. It is better to grow asters with a pick and transplant the seedlings to a permanent place in the 2-leaf phase.

Levkoy seeds are soaked for a day. Seed depth 0.5 cm. Seedlings will appear in 5-14 days. If the seeds have sprouted densely, the plants can be picked at intervals of 25-30 cm. Flowering continues from June to November.

What flowers can be planted in June

Viola seeds are sown every 5 cm in grooves 0.3-0.6 cm deep. Seedlings will appear after a week. Bushes can be dived 10-15 cm apart. Plants will bloom in late autumn and leave in this state under the snow, and in early spring they will form buds again.

Daisies can be sown in the summer in a greenhouse or immediately in a permanent place. Flowering plants are obtained the next year in the spring. The seeding depth is small, as the seeds are small. You can simply spread them on the surface of the soil and sprinkle a little sand. If the plants have risen densely, they need to be picked at a distance of 10-20 cm.

Mallows are biennial and perennial. Seeds are sown directly into the ground. In the first year, a small bush grows, in the second, flowering begins. There should be 25-50 cm between plants. The depth of planting is 3 cm, 2-3 seeds can be put in each hole.

The perennial forget-me-not blooms in late spring. Its tiny seeds are placed in shallow grooves in summer and covered with sand. Seedlings appear after 2 weeks. They need to be thinned out, leaving a distance of 20-40 cm between them.

Foxglove seeds fall asleep in the grooves as rarely as possible. The row spacing is 40 centimeters, the distance between seedlings is 8-15 cm. The plants are biennial, flowering will begin next year and last from June to August. Do not forget that all parts of the luxurious foxglove are poisonous. 

What flowers to sow in autumn

For winter sowing, it is important to choose the right time. When to plant flowers in the ground in autumn? You need to look at the weather and start sowing as soon as the topsoil begins to freeze. This is the end of October-beginning of November.

You can sow before winter:

  • cosmea,
  • year,
  • clarke,
  • mignonette,
  • delphinium,
  • cornflowers.

When sown before winter, plants bloom 2 weeks later than those grown by seedlings, but after natural stratification they are distinguished by excellent health and a large habit.

Knowing when to plant flowers, you will be able to admire beautiful flower beds, flower beds, mixborders throughout spring, summer and autumn. Tell us in the comments when you plan to plant flowers in 2022 and which ones. We have also put together a wonderful collection of bulbous flowers for you — watch a short master class from our planting specialist.


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