Florist calendar: planting and caring for peonies by month

Peonies are a gardener’s fantasy come true, who wants to breed roses without thorns. In their beauty and diversity, they are not much inferior to the queen of flowers. When at the end of May their burgundy, golden yellow, snow-white, pink or crimson flowers appear in the form of large terry balls or rosettes, open to the very core, both amateurs and professionals admire their beauty. You can learn how to grow peonies, agricultural technology is not difficult and even novice gardeners can do it.

Peonies: care and planting

To propagate an existing peony, it is enough to divide its bush. Division is possible if your plant is 3-4 years old, but it is best to divide a peony bush when it is already 5 or 6 years old. Usually this procedure is performed in late summer and early autumn. In the spring, divided plants take root worse.

Autumn has undeniable advantages, for a number of reasons:

  • the main heat was left behind;
  • humidity increases due to frequent rains;
  • the plant does not need to expend energy to flower.

Under these conditions, the peony perfectly grows roots and strengthens its root system.

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Planting hole preparation

Answering the question of how peonies grow, it can be noted that they feel best in an open area well lit by the sun. A place for this plant should be prepared 3-4 weeks before planting. The landing pit for peonies should be of medium depth (1.5 bayonet spades or a little more than 40 cm).

The pit should be 2/3 filled with a mixture, which contains equal parts:

  • peat;
  • humus;
  • horticultural land;
  • river sand.

Add to the mixture:

  • birch ash (0.5 l jar);
  • double superphosphate (1 glass);
  • iron vitriol (1 tablespoon).

The landing pit is ready.

How to prepare peony rhizomes for planting

The tuberous roots of peonies go almost 1 meter deep. It is better to dig them up with a pitchfork and do it carefully, because they are quite fragile. The bush is first dug with a garden pitchfork, and then carefully removed from the ground using two bayonet shovels.

The roots of the peony should be washed, removing adhering dirt from them, and then the plant should be left in the shade for 5-6 hours so that its roots become plastic. The stems are cut off at a distance of 10 cm from the roots.

It remains to divide the roots of the peony with a sharp knife. Each division should be 10-15 cm long, up to 4 buds and several adventitious roots. Too small and rotten roots must be removed immediately. Planting material can be disinfected with a solution of potassium permanganate, which is prepared at the rate of 3 grams of the drug per 10 liters of water. Cuts on the roots should be sprinkled with charcoal. Before planting, the delenki are dried in the shade for a day.  

Peonies: planting and care in the open field

There is a secret to planting and caring for a peony. And it consists in a solution of heteroauxin, in which the roots of the plant are dipped before planting. Dissolve heteroauxin (2 tablets) and copper sulfate (50 g) in 10 liters of water. And then clay is added to the solution until it becomes creamy. Next, a delenka is dipped into it, after which it is dried. After that, you can plant it in a hole.

The planting depth of the peony should be such that the buds of the plant are 3-5 cm below ground level. It remains to sprinkle the roots with soil, water the seedling well and mulch the planting circle with peat by about 5 cm.

Care for peonies in the open field

So that peonies do not lose their decorative properties over the years, they need care.

  • March. The first feeding of peonies is carried out with ammonium nitrate (30 g per bush) even before the soil warms up. Shelter from tree peonies is removed if the air temperature is set at -5 ° C and above. The thawed soil at the roots is loosened and mulched with peat, compost or humus.
  • April. The mulch can be removed, old shoots removed, and the soil spilled with a solution of potassium permanganate (2 g per bucket of water). The emerging shoots are sprayed twice with a 1% solution of Bordeaux liquid: at the beginning of the growing season and again after 10 days.
  • May. Carry out weeding and loosening 7 cm deep into the soil next to the stems of the plant. Abundant (3-4 buckets per bush) watering weekly. The second top dressing: nitrogen (10 g), potassium (15 g), phosphorus (20 g) per bush. When frosts, the plant is covered with non-woven materials.
  • June. For better flowering, one bud is left on each stem. Peonies with heavy flowers are tied to supports. Abundant watering with loosening, and after a day, weeding. If you do not need seeds, wilted flowers are removed. A solution of nicotine sulfate and rubbing peony stems with garlic saves from ants.
  • July. Abundant watering continues. Two weeks after the end of flowering, the third top dressing is carried out combined with irrigation with phosphorus-potassium fertilizers: phosphorus (10-20 g), potassium (10-15 g). The older the bush, the higher the dose of drugs.
  • August. This is the breeding season for peonies. Seeds are sown in beds to see new plants next spring. Watering continues. At the end of the month, you can divide the roots.
  • September. Continue to separate the roots and plant peonies. Yellowed shoots are cut out, burned. The soil is fertilized with bone meal and ash.
  • October November. Peonies cover for the winter. Grassy peonies are cut off, leaving «hemp» a couple of centimeters. Slices are sprinkled with ash. Plants are covered with peat or spruce branches. The stems of tree-like peonies are covered with lutrasil, and the roots are covered with peat 20-25 cm tall.
  • December January February. Plants rest under a layer of snow. Snow thickness of 30-40 cm is considered optimal. A thaw during this period is highly undesirable. If it is possible to throw snow on peonies, for example, from garden paths, this should definitely be done.

    Surrounded by your care and attention, peonies will give wonderful flowers that will make you forget all life’s problems. Peonies make people happy.

    Share stories about your peonies, planting and caring for them. What difficulties did you have? How did you manage to resolve them?


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