Cherry compote, rolled at home, gets a deep dark red color and rich cherry flavor. This drink will be a good substitute for store-bought juices and will win the love of the whole family!

The main advantage of homemade compote is its naturalness. In addition to a healthy and tasty drink, you also get cherries, which can be used to make countless desserts.

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Canned compote — how to cook

For compote you will need (for one three-liter jar):

  • ripe cherries — 300-400 g;
  • water — 2.8 l;
  • sugar — 250-300 g.

Cooking steps:

1. We clean the cherries from the branches. We keep the berries in a container with cold water for 30 minutes.

2. Preparing the jar for canning: wash and boil with steam. Drain the water from the cherries and wash them again. We send them to a prepared jar.

3. Fill a jar of cherries with boiling water and close with an iron lid. Let it brew until it cools down.

4. Drain the cooled water from the can into the pan.

5. Add sugar and boil for about 3 minutes after boiling.

6. Pour cherries in a jar with hot compote and roll it up. After that, wrap the jar and let it cool.

7. Store canned compote in a cool place for no more than a year. Preservation allows cherries to retain their taste and benefits longer.


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