7 good reasons to plant floribunda roses

Unpretentiousness in care, a riot of colors, excellent tolerance to most diseases, high frost resistance, almost continuous flowering throughout the season and other advantages of floribunda rose favorably distinguish it from other varieties of roses. Floribunda roses are often used in the foreground for group plantings, as a hedge or in a border.


7 REASONS TO BUY FLORIBUNDA ROSES For floribunda roses, a conditional classification of varieties has been adopted, including three groups: high — height of 1 m or more, medium — from 60 to 100 cm and undersized bushes — no higher than 40 cm. Landscape design


Due to the fact that floribunda roses come in different heights, they can be used to decorate terraces, verandas, patios, loggias and balconies. Low-growing varieties of floribunda look great on the sunny slopes of an alpine hill, when decorating the foreground of complex flowerbed compositions and framing lawns.        Color

Floribunda roses have a rich palette of shades. Everyone can choose the varieties suitable for him when decorating his site. The most popular floribunda roses with flower diameter and stem height in the table below: 



Short description

bush height

flower diameter

Blue fo Yu

Delicate flowers of a bluish-lilac hue, collected in a bouquet at the ends of the shoots. 

60-80 cm

7-9 cm, on average from 3 to 5 pieces per stem.

Sweet Honey

Peach, cream, salmon shades adorn the splendor of terry inflorescences. 

up to 1 m

8 cm, one bouquet can have up to 5 buds.

Nina Weibl

Bright red, double flowers.

60-75 cm

5-6 cm, on one shoot up to 5 inflorescences.

Pink Tiara

Pale pink shade with a delicate aroma.

from 50 cm

6 cm


Bright yellow color 

up to 75 cm

7-8 cm, 3 to 5 flowers.

Long flowering

There are varieties of floribunda that bloom without interruption, while others bloom with short periods of rest. Therefore, when choosing a floribunda for your rose garden, you can easily pick up flowers in such a way that the rose garden blooms and smells sweet from spring to late autumn. Also, floribunda can be grown in a greenhouse for cutting. Success will be guaranteed if you select varieties with tall stems and continuous flowering.



High winter hardiness


This variety of roses has a high frost resistance. Floribunda easily tolerates frosts from -23 to -28C. However, in open ground, roses must be covered for the winter. To do this, you will have to cut the bushes in half (up to a height of 40 cm) and remove the leaves if they remain on the shoots. Then they spud with earth, on average to a height of 20-30 cm and cover from above, for example: with non-woven material, oak leaves or spruce branches. Disease resistance


Of course, despite resistance to diseases, roses can become infected with various pathogenic infections. However, with proper care, the risk is greatly reduced. When planting between the bushes, you need to leave enough distance, because too close proximity will disrupt ventilation, which in turn will lead to an outbreak of fungal diseases: rust, powdery mildew, marsonine. In addition, annual pruning of bushes has a positive effect on the risk of contracting fungal infections. Do not forget to cut off diseased and broken shoots in time. Spend time caring for the rose garden, do not refuse periodic weeding, loosening, feeding, and your roses will always have a healthy and well-groomed appearance. 


Almost all varieties of floribunda roses have a pleasant aroma. A very valuable quality of floribunda — a pleasant, delicate, barely perceptible fragrance makes it possible to fully discover the beauty of these roses. The fragrant rose garden will be one of the best places to relax.

A whole bunch on one stem


One cut floribunda rose replaces the whole bouquet due to the fact that on one shoot, as a rule, from 3 to 9 inflorescences open. Huge brushes of roses are perfectly combined in any compositions in flowerbeds, rose gardens and bouquets.   

Spectacular flowers, pleasant aroma, unpretentiousness in care, all this is about the rose — floribunda. 

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